Saturday, November 2, 2013

My NaNo Pep Talk-Like Thingy

Well, today is day two of NaNo! I got off to a smashing start yesterday, thanks to late-night writing (the best kind!). Any WriMo's out there? How's it going for you? :) 

NaNo really is fascinating. It's so freeing! It doesn't matter if your story is info-dumpy, uses a million adverbs, or makes little sense, as long as you GET THE WORDS DOWN and are more or less going in the direction you desire. Everything can be fixed in post, but if you don't even have any words down to fix, then you're not going to have much of a novel. 

For example, my story is a fantasy story (as you may have gathered). It focuses mainly on some elves, but has all types of species in it. Now, my ogre, Zane, is a gambler. He's in debt to this guy. I wanted to write a scene in a small bar where Zane was gambling, and Kat (his elf friend) sees him harassed by the man he's in debt to. This way, I could introduce the reader to these plot-developing facts. So, fine. I did. 

Except somehow, my elf and ogre ended up in a nearly-modern-day casino owned by the mafia.


So yes, NaNo can really make you throw some strange things out onto the paper. Or screen. But it's important to remember to just KEEP GOING, no matter how much your inner editor screams at you to go back and fix it. He'll have his day. After November!

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