Monday, October 28, 2013

Scratch That

Has this happened to you? You've started a new story, and it's going along alright. Then, for one reason or another (such as an impending NaNo frenzy), you decide you need to stop and fix up your plot and your characters? Then, with very little time left before some big writer-ly event (such as NaNo), you FREAKING REDO THE ENTIRE THING!?

Because that's what I did. I wasn't satisfied, and so, I restarted. Story of my life, actually. But anyway, the whole reason I rambled on about this was because I wanted to show you the cast again. This time, it's just pictures and names with brief descriptions, the bios can come later. ;)
Rolf, the king's spy. 

Kat, the famous theater actress and singer.

(Imagine his skin is blue, and his hair is darker, and he has teeny fangs peeking out over his top lip)
Zane, the gambling-addicted actor.

Allistar, the self-absorbed actor.

Wolfe, the shadow-dwelling healer.

Amadan, the arms-dealing prince.

Rowan, the compassionate younger prince.

Davin, the ambitious adviser to the king.

(imagine him in a bed instead of a forest)
Tathar, the badly ill king.

Caden, the duty-bound captain-of-the-guard.

Aria, the mysterious fact-finder.
Prodita, assassin bent on revenge.

some of these characters have been thought out to great extent; some of them are merely a whisper of an idea. but now you (and I!) know what my current cast looks like. Hopefully they'll behave on page...!


  1. Don't get me wrong, I love your characters, but why are they all so young and attractive?:P

  2. LOL well.............because. XD


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