Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Meet the Cast

So, NaNo starts in a little over a week. I should be planning out my chapters and getting to know my characters in preparation for this event. Instead, I'm sitting here, questioning whether I really want to attempt writing this story for NaNo, or whether I want to try something else. Because as every writer (or wannabe writer) knows, you have to love your characters, or no one else will. 

My problem? I DON'T KNOW MY CHARACTERS. If you read this post called Advice to NaNo Newbies and look at point number 3, you'll see that knowing your characters is very important. Models and bios and interviews and whatnot are all very helpful in fleshing out your character as an actual person. So, I thought it might help me to make up a few character profiles. 

Oh, it might be helpful to note that this story takes place in a magical fantasy world of my own creating. :)


One of the two main characters of my (as of yet unnamed) story. He is-- well, I'll let him tell you. 

Oh, it's me now? Um, ok. So, my name is Rolf. King Rolf, I guess. I took over the kingdom when my father died. It's been kinda tough, but someone's got to do it. I just wish I didn't have the distraction of my impending marriage to an idio -- er, to the princess of a neighboring kingdom. If you saw her, you might ask me what my problem was with marrying such a gorgeous creature, but I'd tell you to go and attempt to hold a conversation with her.

Sorry, I guess that was a little bit too much information. I shouldn't be bothering you with this, it's really none of your concern. Just. . . go back to your lives, I guess. 


Ooookay. Thanks buddy. We'll come back to you at some later point. On to our next guest (wait, did this just turn into a talk show?), the female star of the story, Katya! But don't call her that, or she'll rip your lips off. Ahem.


Once again, in her own words.


What, you wanna know about me? What's to tell? I'm a gypsy. It's who I am. I lie and I steal, and nine times out of ten? I have fun doing it. I like putting one over on the pompous peasants that flock to us when we make camp. I guess they enjoy being entertained by people they can look down their noses at. And I could maybe endure that, if they were the only people sneering down at me. But they're not. The whole camp -- my own mother -- treats me like I'm an annoyance, or worse. I was born with red hair, and since gypsies are the most superstitious people in the world, that makes my very existence bad luck. But you know whats worse luck? Defying the stars. Apparently they decreed that I should not only live, but that I should marry this buffoon of a man, destined to be the camp's next leader. Because that's what I want for my life-! Like I don't have a say? Like the stars are actually talking to us, telling us how to live our lives!? I just-- AUGH! *storms off*  

Um, someone get that girl some calming chamomile. While my imaginary assistant does that, let's move on to our next guest, Zane!

(okay, you'll need to use your imagination here. Take this guy's dark hair, eyes, jacket and general devil-may-care attitude:

and combine with this guy's smile, blue skin, and animal-istic ears:

There you go. That's Zane.


Hey. So yeah, I'm a gypsy misfit, like Kat. I was adopted by this eccentric old gypsy lady when I was young. That doesn't normally happen, but like I said, she was eccentric. I think she thought doing a "good deed" would negate some of the other stuff she'd done in her life. I don't know. She died some years ago, but the others refrain from throwing me out, because it'd be bad luck to do so. 

  I don't mind being an outcast like Kat does, though. Who cares what those losers think? They're not even the same species as me. 

(sidebar: Zane, at least in this first draft is an ogre. But not the gross, mindless, destroying kind. See, I'm doing away with stereotypes of mythical beasts. These ogres are tall, multicolored, and good at magic.) :)

Basically I'm just getting a free ride. I mean, travelling the kingdom, fleecing idiots and seducing women? Sounds like a good time to me. And always moving around is good for when you maybe cheat in a card game and take a crime lord for a lot of money. . . *ahem* Anyway, where was I? Oh, travelling. Yeah. It's fun. Speaking of fun, whenever we stop for and do a show, I get to blow fire at this one guy, who's probably the most annoying person in the camp. I can't hit him with it, but I've singed his outfit a few times! *snickers*


I'm gonna stop you right there, Zane, before we all become accessories after the fact. Or before the fact. . . ? Just go play cards, ok?

Whew! Well, that's enough for one day. We'll meet some more characters later, and I'll bring each one back for a more in-depth interview. For now though, I say; Au revoir! 

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  1. Haha, I love that Kotes! Good job and it can be super difficult to create characters.


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