Monday, March 11, 2013

March Break and Classic Humor

Well, it's March Break. Hope you're all having a good one! I know I am, sleeping like some sort of Disney princess. Sorry it's been so slow around here. School and stuff, ya know?

Hmm, what to write about, to entertain you poor bored chumps? Ooo, I know!! :D

So, I believe I've mentioned the famous Who's On First routine to you before? Well, before you hop away, thinking "Oh brother, this again," have you ever heard of Jimmy Fallon? He's a comedian (modern day, thankyousomuch), and he got a couple other famous comedians, and they revisited this classic routine, adding their own flair, of course. Yes, it's in black and white. They had to make it look like the original! X) Here it is:

And here's the original, for comparison. 

And for all you Downton Abbey fans out there, here's Jimmy Fallon's parody of it:

XD That's episode one, he's done more. ;)

Well, I hope this entertained you! Have a good break! :D
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