Friday, December 21, 2012


Friday - Saturday
Saturday - Sunday
Sunday - Monday
Monday - Tuesday

Good things that come in fours:

-Seasons (both the weather and the resort) ;)
-Gospels (in the Bible, in case you were confused)
-Corners of the world (yeah, yeah, it's round. whatever)
-Families (this may not be true for you, but most of the people I know, and my own family included, consist of four people)

  This is actually harder than it looks. BUT! I already have ideas for tomorrow, so that should be easier. ;)


  1. I just realized what you're doing! You clever!!!

    Another one:
    Kit-Kat bars

    And that's all I got:P

  2. Oooh! I didn't think of that one! :D and hehehe, I try. X)


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