Monday, December 24, 2012


Monday - Tuesday

Good things that come in ones:


Sunday, December 23, 2012


Sunday - Monday
Monday - Tuesday

Good things that come in twos:

- weekend days (and I think we all agree, the weekend is VERY good)
- popsicles (the ones with two sticks in them, so you can break it in half and either share it, or eat one half right away and the other half later.) ;D

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Saturday - Sunday
Sunday - Monday
Monday - Tuesday

Good things that come in threes:

- Musketeers (plus D'Artagnan)
- RollerCoaster Tycoon (unless there's a fourth game I'm unaware of?)
- Lie to Me (there's three seasons of it)


Friday, December 21, 2012


Friday - Saturday
Saturday - Sunday
Sunday - Monday
Monday - Tuesday

Good things that come in fours:

-Seasons (both the weather and the resort) ;)
-Gospels (in the Bible, in case you were confused)
-Corners of the world (yeah, yeah, it's round. whatever)
-Families (this may not be true for you, but most of the people I know, and my own family included, consist of four people)

  This is actually harder than it looks. BUT! I already have ideas for tomorrow, so that should be easier. ;)

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Thursday - Friday
Friday - Saturday
Saturday - Sunday
Sunday - Monday
Monday - Tuesday

Good things that come in fives:

-One Direction boys (had to put that one in there)
-Guys (Five Guys is a restaurant, ok?)
-Friends (Me, Dessy, Sunny, Lydia, and Dakota)
-Fingers and toes (well, there's ten, but only five on each hand/foot)
-Merlin (there's five seasons of it!)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Caution: Animated Deer

My family and I got our Christmas tree yesterday, and while they were paying, I was off in a strange and wonderful land. The land where fake trees dressed to the nines are everywhere with every decoration imaginable. The land where it's INSIDE the nice WARM building, glowing with lights. Among all that lovely festive stuff, there were three animated deer each adorned with the sign pictured.

Yes, there are such thing as an animated deer. And yes, we do need a warning sign. Who knows, we might get impaled with a fabric antler! I can see the head lines now:
Unknowing Christmas Shopper Gets Attacked by Animated Deer!

I've seen the singing Santa Clauses and the motion detector "Ho Ho Hoing" Santa Clauses, but never in my life have I seen an animated deer.

That my friends is a Christmas first.

Friday, December 7, 2012

This is Me, Supplying You Poor Neglected Cyber-Readers With a Post.


That's a song, by the way. And yes, I know that Christmas is not for another *counts on fingers* 18 days? Or thereabouts. BUT!! Christmas Festival at our church is TOMORROW!!! 
*has an epic fit*

Ahem. Pardon me. But is so exciting!! Although I am a little terrified, because my dance studio's winter show is on Sunday. GAH! The stage! X(

Anywho. I shall treat you to some random snippets from a story you'll never read. 

Ziggy sat down wearily on his turtle, and watched the ant go marching one by one back to its uncomplicated, sorrow-free life.

  He was so busy watching, he didn't even notice Fizz until she landed in front of him, right on the ant.

  "STUPID ANT!!" she yelled, jumping up and down. When she finally ran out of energy, she collapsed onto a large rock beside Ziggy. They looked at each other, then at where the ant had been, then burst out laughing. 

 Glancing down, he snatched the paffles and flung them, one after the other, at Jiggly. Jiggly dropped to the ground as breakfast pastries went sailing over his head.

  Behind him, Miggy had just awoken and was yawning, his mouth wide open. He was astonished to find a still-warm paffle landing in his open mouth. He hesitated for a moment, uncertain if he should swallow it, and was rewarded with several more paffles to the face.

  He stopped, shrugged, decided that he could do with another 10 minutes of sleep and promptly fell back into his sleeping bag, the taste of paffle still lingering in his mouth. 

"Hey Jiggly." he said, "Why are you laughing evilly?"

  "SILENCE, YOU IMBICILE!!" Jiggly bellowed, then slunk creepily away, his legs bent in a position that was alarmingly difficult to stand in, much less slink in.

  Miggy stood there, dumbfounded, for a moment, then applauded Jiggly's amazing leg strength. "GIVE IT UP FOR THE SLINKY!" he shouted.

There, now! Wasn't that amusing? No? Then how about this Mad Lib?
First, the untouched product:
Words you'll need;
Last name of person in room
noun x2
plural noun x4
type of liquid
same last name
part of the body (plural)

The blank page;

It's here, the all-new Last name: the most luxurious noun  you'll ever drive! It's the only four-door noun  that comes equipped with dual air plural noun, power plural noun, and contoured, plush leather plural noun. And, believe it or not, it is the only car in its class that can go up to a hundred thousand plural noun without needing a type of liquid change of a noun tune-up. Run, do not verb , to your nearest same last name dealer and feast your part of the body (plural) on the car that Motor noun  magazine calls the adjective noun of the year. As always, we save the best for last: When you see the sticker price, you'll be sure to shout, "exclamation!"

Now, Dessy's and my version:

It's here, the all new Diddlesworth: the most luxurious fart you'll ever drive! It's the only four-door fanblade that comes equipped with dual air birthmarks, power buttocks, and contoured, plush leather spoons. And, believe it or not, it is the only car in its class that can go up to a hundred thousand faces without needing a whisky change or a bikini tune-up. Run, do not run, to your nearest Diddlesworth dealer and feast your biceps on the car that Motor Belly Button Magazine calls the female underthing of the year. As always, we save the best for last: When you see the sticker price, you'll be sure to shout, "I'm Batman!"

*cough* Well, no one ever said we were mature. And it's likely that no one ever will. ;) Ah, this Mad Libs book. The things it's seen! Or rather, heard. :P In fact, reading this particular Mad Libs book would be akin to reading our collective diary. Oh, the things you (the audience) will never know. ;)

OKAY! So, I hope this post was somewhat entertaining for you. If not, did you ever consider that your standards might be too high? Hmmm, yes. . . . Well, while you ponder that one, I'm going to. . . to. . . do something. . . important. Yes, important. Now. I'm going. Right now. I'm gone.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Simple life Manhattan: a 90-square-foot microstudio

Whoah, I will never complain about a small house again.

P.S. Sorry Dessy, didn't realize you posted today. If you haven't seen that, scroll down!

HEY! It's MY Turn!

Holla at chya! I'm going to do those 24 questions that Kota answered because they're actually super interesting! :D check out her post below if you haven't already.

♦ Five ways to win your heart? actually care about me, give me lots of hugs, be able to make me smile, be sweet, be able to play guitar/sing.
♦ Something you feel strongly about? Self harm.
♦ A book you love? Stand in the Wind by Jean Little, Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen.
♦ Pet Peeves? Being interrupted, when people stop in the middle of the halls at school, when people won't accept my opinion.
♦ How comfortable are you in your own skin? Honestly, I'd say I'm decently comfortable but not very confident in my own skin. I love having those days where I just feel absolutely beautiful. Doesn't happen too often, but still! :)
♦ Something you always think ‘what if’ about? "What if my parents and my brother don't come home again?" pretty much the same as Dakota's.
♦ Five things you really want? to meet One Direction, real happiness, for people to understand the real me, confidence and a laptop!
♦ A quote you try to live by? "It will be alright in the end. If it's not alright, it's not the end." "Everything's going to be okay. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but eventually. I promise."
♦ Five guys you find attractive? Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne.
♦ Five women you think are beautiful? Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and my mom. <3 span="span">
♦ Something you’re currently worrying about? school....always. -.- and life. life stresses me out.
♦ What do you hope your future will be like? I hope I'll have a job that I love, I want to inspire people, have a husband and be happy!
♦ Five weird things that you like? crackers with butter, making weird faces at myself in the mirror, wearing my brother's sweaters, pretending that I'm famous, pretending that I'm in a movie (sometimes).
♦ Something that you’re proud of? the fact that I have taken baby steps in the right direction (One Direction!!) with a certain situation, and the singing show that I was in on Saturday!
♦ A problem that you've had? Worrying about things that I can't change, over thinking things.
♦ Something that you miss? Being happy all the time.
♦ One thing you’re excited for? Christmas Festival!! :D .......FIVE FREAKIN' DAYSSS!
♦ Something that bullets your whole day? When things go wrong from the SECOND I wake up.
♦ Put your iPod on shuffle and name the first ten songs that play? Without You (David Guetta ft. Usher), Na Na Na (One Direction), Outside Looking In (Jordan Pruitt), Crazier (Taylor Swift), Santa Baby (Michael Buble), You Make Me Feel... (Cobra Starship ft. Sabi), Send it On (Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus), Another World (One Direction), Everything About You (One Direction), and Been Here All Along (Hannah Montana). ...I feel like my inner (and outer) Directioner was showing. :P
♦ Things you like and dislike about yourself? I dislike my bad habits, my body, the fact that my nails always break, my feet, my ear. I like my singing voice, my smile, my eyelashes and my eyes...although I wish they were blue!
♦ What are you wearing? blue skinny jeans, white and purple socks, a purple t-shirt and a black sweater with purple and grey spots (Sunny picked it out!) ;)
♦ What do you think of school? hate hate hate hate.
♦ What makes you happy? singing, my friends, hugs, One Direction, when people compliment me or say they're proud of me.
♦ What makes you angry? When my brother CONSTANTLY argues with me because he says it's fun. -.-

So there yah have it! :) Hope you enjoyed. 


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