Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Boppity-Bopping, No Talking.


Yes, I'm boppity-bopping and not talking. mhhhhmm. That's how it is here in the Diddlesworth household. I have laryngitis and I canNOT talk at all. :( sad day. and I was just boppity-bopping to a VERY catchy song. NOW I JUST HAD A COUGHING FIT! YAAAAAAYYY. but yes. I have a story!!

Okay, so Sunny and Dakota know that I am in this singing thinger. Every Tuesday night we rehearse at the director's church. This is my....third year being in it, and EVERYTHING has been fine...unTIL tonight. dun dun dun Dun DUN DUUN DUUUN DUUUUUUUUUN. yes. It's DRAMATIC. Hence all these RanDoM capiTAAAAL letters. okay, I'll stop that now.

So yes, we're rehearsing and then we hear a noise. At first we were like 'whatever...we always hear noises.' But then we heard it again, so one of the girls went to the door to see if someone was there. She came back and said that no, there wasn't anyone there. We kept on rehearsing but then we heard it AGAIN. I pointed to the back of the sanctuary and said, "I think it's coming from downstairs." (okay, this was SUCH a scary experience that I'm actually starting to freak out just reiterating it! :$ *breaaaaathe*) So we all went quiet for a little and then we heard it again. Then we all looked at each other and we were all like "hoooolyyy craaaapppp." No one knew what to do. We were ALL panicking because there was without a DOUBT, someone in the church. We all started panicking and a few of us actually thought we were going to throw up or faint or something. I HAVE NERVES OF SPAGHETTI OKAY!?!

The director and one of the girl's looked outside and the director realized there was a car out there that hadn't been there before. So we were again like "hoooolyyy craaapppp." We tried to come up with a game plan, but still to no avail. We were FREAKED. In the end, the director went and opened the door to the downstairs and called "hello? who's down there?" I KNOW IT SEEMS STUPID, CUZ LIKE WHAT KIND OF A BURGLAR WOULD BE LIKE "oh hey, it's just Billy Bob Bob Billy, y'know. just gonna steal some stuff and then I'll be out of your hair." THAT JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN. We were all pretty much crapping our pants by now, but there was no response. Then we heard a car door slam, so the director looked out the door again and got a glimpse of the person and realized it must have been someone who goes to her church and had a key. They just HAPPENED to leave at the time that she asked who was down there.
We were all still freaked out and shaking, and EVERY small sound for the rest of the night freaked us out. We'd be like "OH GOSH! What was that?!" and then one girl would say, "oh sorry!! I was tapping my foot." We were terrified. At one point, I had to go to the bathroom...and of course the only bathrooms are DOWNSTAIRS....so I took two of the girls with me and we almost crapped our pants again, but we managed to survive.
I am, no lie, incredibly surprised that we all got out of the church alive. I KNOW that I can be dramatic sometimes, but this was LEGITIMATELY one of the scariest experiences of my LIFE.

That's all that's goin' on in my life....well, all of the crazy stuff.

Dessy <3 p="p">


  1. Haha, that's too funny! YAY for Dessy blogging!!!!

  2. Dessy, I almost died laughing. XD

    "oh hey, it's just Billy Bob Bob Billy, y'know. just gonna steal some stuff and then I'll be out of your hair." THAT JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN.

    LOL!! but, I'm glad you got out alive. :D

  3. Destiny Diddlesworth10 November, 2012

    haha! :P It WAS funny, but scary. and I almost died laughing too Kote! XP


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