Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weird and British


....I feel like I'm the only one who gives a proper greeting and exit (not exit, but idk the actual word I'm looking for). Wanna know who else is the only one? Tigger. mhmmm...dat's right.

So yah. Tigger.



Double G



That stuff above was from another post that I didn't ever finish and I just looked at it now and I have NO idea what I was planning on talking about in that post, but I liked that beginning shtuff so I added it here! :)

I DO know, however that I was saying something about Christmas, which is now only 61 days away! :D I'm rather excited. And our church's Christmas Festival is but 44 DAYS AWAYYYYYYY. WOAHH! I'm excited for that too!
Then in that post I went on about how we were about to have Thanksgiving and then I began about pumpkin pie....random! :P

I am currently sitting here, blogging, listening to some new Taylor Swift tunes (which I happen to be LOVINGGGG), and being British....not really. I'm drinking tea!! or as I put it to my parents "I'm having a spot of tea." I actually did that. They were like, "a spot....?!" and I was like "YES! That's what the British say!" ....or at least I think they do! :$

Speaking of Taylor Swift....okay woah! I need to slow down because I'm really thinking of a LOT of things right now. Let me pause and note this.

1. Ed
2. bday

There! Now I won't forget what I want to put in here, like I usually do! I know I could delete those "notes" but meh, that's not fun!

So yes, Ed! Taylor Swift's new album contains a song with Ed Sheeran, called "Everything Has Changed." You can check it out. I'm thinking of him as I drink my tea because he's British!! As is 4/5 of One Direction, but I'm listening to that song now so I'm thinking of Ed, okay?! IT'S A CUTE SONGGGG. :')

And as for my birthday, it is coming up in........23 days!! I have decided that I want the new Taylor Swift album because it's making me love her more and more! BUT! SUNNY AND DAKOTA! PAY ATTENTION TO THIS! I have a feeling everyone is going to "be clever" and get me the new One Direction album, but this is me saying DON'T GET IT FOR ME. One of my friends already said she's going to get it for me and I don't need 138947235720938 copies of it. But thanks. :)
here's where I'm at though:
-this one perfume
-Taylor Swift's album "Red"
-One Direction's "Take Me Home"
-iTunes card(s)

yah. I'm stuck.

0.o ah well!

Destiny xxx


  1. "This one perfume"? Thanks, that's very specific. :P XD aaand you want......CHOCOLATE!! COLORFUL SOCKS!! perhaps a movie? a computer game (sims 3 anyone)? a book by your favorite author? A NEW WATCH!! FUZZY PAJAMAS!! A CHRISTMAS PUZZLE!! A PRETTY PICTURE FRAME!! a t-shirt that announces your undying love for meee??? XD lol I'm outta ideas for the moment, and I have to go shower. See you tmw!!

    Love the post, btw. X) yes, you are the only one who properly greets and...farewells?

    1. I believe that Dessy IS the only greeter out of us. Sometimes Kotes or I do fare thy well thought.

    2. Also, Kotes isn't that YOUR christmas list? lol.

      I found the little thing I want to get your for your birthday, but I'll have to see if I can get my hands on it. Then I'll have to come with something to add to it:)

    3. mmm, only a couple items on there are things that are on my list. X) I was just trying to INSPIRE her to think of things she wanted. ;)

      I don't have ANY Christmas ideas for ANYONE. :P X)

  2. Destiny Diddlesworth02 November, 2012

    LOL! XP yes, Kota, a shirt proclaiming my undying love for you would be perfect! ;D get on that, would you? haha.
    I couldn't THINK of the name of the perfume at the time, plus it'd be something my parents will get me probably.
    hmmmm, what movie would I want though..? idk! :$ and CHOCOLATE is always nice! AND MONEYYYYYYY. hahahHhahahHAHAHAH. okay.


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