Saturday, September 8, 2012

So it begins. . . .

So, my mom, my brother, and I were in the car this morning driving to my mom's work, where we clean a little for CASH!! ;D

Anyway, we were driving, and as we approached a red light, we saw a group of university students standing on and by the divider in the middle of the road. They were raising money for people with Chronic Fibrosis. As you passed by them, you could "chuck your change" at them (as one sign they were holding said), if you were so inclined (we were.). But guess what they were doing as part of their attention-calling, we're-dancing-for-you-so-give-us-money dance?

Oppa Gangnam Style.


It was the most awesome thing ever to watch!! XD

"Hey, what're all those young people doing there? What're they doing? Hey! That's......LOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!"

And then we all died. Well, mom didn't, because she actually hasn't seen the vid. BUT she thought it was hilarious anyway. XD

And that's my interesting experience for the week. X)

Oh! Before I go, here's a parody, I suppose you would call it, of Oppa Gangnam Style. It's Oppa Hongdae Style. Basically, a guy just recreated the vid, but a little differently. X) lol I like it. Enjoy!! :D

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