Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Decorating Obsessions and A Random Quote: Part 3

I went to this thrift store that I had never tried before and found some goodies! I got a few books (if you want to read about those you might want to keep an eye out on SOI), a picture and a picture frame. This is the picture frame:

Personally, I think it's a little gaudy, even for me. But for five bucks I couldn't turn it down. So my course of action was to spray paint it. I had a little spray paint left over from another project that will possibly make an appearance on this blog at some point. It was just enough to cover the frame with paint, after I ripped up a pop box and covered the backing.

If only I had thought to cover my clothes. Don't worry though because those same capris had a grass stain too; the paint and the grass stain came out with this Oxy Clean max force spray. I didn't tell my mother though because she's always harping on me to wear old clothes for spray painting and I couldn't bear to see that smug smile.


As you can see it left a little ring of black paint on the grass that my Dad absolutely HATES! I don't know why, but let's just hope he doesn't go back there until some of the paint wears away. The finished product:

That picture is the other thing I got at the thrift store, and those other oval frames I got from a variety of garage sales. I think I posted about them here. I'm not completely sure of it yet, but I'm leaving it there for now. I think I might paint those gold frames black as well. What do you think, should I paint them?
And here's kind of a bad picture (but whatever) of the up close flower detail around the edge. And that concludes my frame project! I still have to put something in the frame, but I'm not sure what I want in there yet. Any ideas?

Here's your quote (well it's not really a quote, but whatever I thought it was funny).

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  1. for some reason, I feel as though it should hold a mirror....... hmmm! ;)


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