Thursday, September 20, 2012


hehehe :)

Soooooooooooo, today has been just grand! It started out pretty blah, as Thursdays usually do for me. But as I was in first period, I got bored and went on Twitter from my iPod. I saw on a One Direction fan update page thing that their new song had been leaked and was going to released today (it was supposed to be released this coming Monday). I was like 'woaaaaaaaah whaaat!?' My Directioner friend happens to have first period with me, so I leaned over to her and showed her the tweet. She looked at me with wide eyes and we commenced fangirling. But then I realized, how many times have stupid One Direction fan things been wrong?!....a. lot. So I started creeping all of the boy's Twitters, and they hadn't posted anything, except Harry had said that they were going to do a TwitCam (a live stream video). He didn't say that there was any announcement and I thought maybe it was a coincidence. Of course, I was in school so I couldn't watch it anyway. Then I noticed that Zayn had retweeted one of the tweets about said issue.
My friend and I commenced fangirling again!!! For the rest of the class we were soooooo excited. Near the end of class, I looked at Twitter again, and the official One Direction Twitter had tweeted about the video being released today. My friend and I commenced fangirling once again.

During last period, I have spare, so I was just chilling and I was getting annoyed cuz SOOO many people on Twitter were talking about how amazing the new video was. It was frustrating. I texted my friend (the one from first class) and she invited me over. I went to her house after school where we watched the new music video, watched other One Direction videos AND watched them live at the iTunes Festival in London. We spent two and a half hours non-stop fangirling. You CAN NOT say that we don't love One Direction. I was thouroughly exhausted after. It was amazing. They DIDN'T sing Live While We're Young (the new single) at the iTunes Festival though and that was depressing, but it was actually like watching the whole Up All Night DVD all over again! :') it was soo awesome! AND Niall made my life when he was talking about next years tour and said, "I hope to see some of you sexy people there!" I immediatley turned to my friend and said, "HE CALLED ME SEXY!" haha, it was intense.
Overall, my day was successful! :D


toodles! :*

Des <3>


  1. Oh you saw them too? I was on my way to a wedding and they said "throw your change" so I, and the other passengers did just that. Kind of scared them, the thought of a plethora of pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters flying at my face does give me the occasional nightmare. No toonies and loonies, we're cheap :P


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