Wednesday, September 5, 2012

100 for 100 Challenge

  Hello all you fine people! I have a proposal for you. NO, NOT THAT KIND!! A proposition, you might say. I'll briefly spell it out, but go here to learn the details.

*puts on her announcer's outfit, and begins to speak rapidly in an announcer's voice*

  Do you like writing? Are you having trouble finding the time? Do you want to succeed at something? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you'll love the 100 for 100 Writer's Challenge! 

  The 100 for 100 Writer's Challenge is a new product from Intelligent And Creative Minds. It's clean. It's effective. And it's easy to use! Just take your struggling story, and write 100 words in it for 100 days. That's write (haha, a pun)! Just 100 words for 100 days! Spend 10 minutes a day in free-flowing creativity, and by the end of our quick and effortless program, you'll have written 10,000 words! 

Don't believe me? Visit Go Teen Writers blog for details!

100 for 100 challenge. Must join by Monday, September 10th, no exceptions. Must write every day. A one-day-a-week grace period applies. All ages and genres accepted. Batteries not included. 

*changes back into normal clothes and voice*

Well, there you have it. I joined. Will you?

*author's note: I don't know if I'm even allowed to put this picture up, so I'll say this: All the credit goes to the authors of the Go Teen Writers' blog and the creators of the 100 for 100 challenge! I own nothing! 

p.s. yes, that's right. I put the link in there twice. I wanted to make sure you wouldn't miss it!

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