Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Holla peeps!

Yours truly hasn't disappeared! :) I'm still here. I was away with Sunny and Dakota this past weekend and they were like, "Destinyyyyy, you never blog anymore." So I decided to! :D woooooooot!

Today we are going to this market to celebrate Dakota's birthday! there'll be us three bloggy peeps and then our other friend named Dakota is coming too!....I'm having difficulty typing the name Dakota today! AND INSTEAD OF TODAY I JUST WROTE DOTAY! -.- fail! but anyway, I keep writing Daokta or Daekota! THERE IS NO 'E'! hahaha. I fail.

It looks like it might rain...but IT BETTER NOT!!! *insert angry face here*

Another reason that I wanted to make this post is because I'm addicted to this song! You should check it out people! It reminds me of my friends. Trust me Sunny and Kote, when you listen to the whole thing you'll know why! :) WATCH IT HERE! it's very catchy! :)

I'm also super excited because Sunny's sister Jane was at that market a few weeks ago and she said there is a bunch of ONE DIRECTION STUFF! WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! :D I'll be in heaven.
I was trying to insert a 1D picture here but my computer won't let me! D: poo. oh well!

Dessy-boo. ;) lool!

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    I listened to the song, and that slushy machine they have LOOKED AWESOME:D


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