Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Holla peeps!

Yours truly hasn't disappeared! :) I'm still here. I was away with Sunny and Dakota this past weekend and they were like, "Destinyyyyy, you never blog anymore." So I decided to! :D woooooooot!

Today we are going to this market to celebrate Dakota's birthday! there'll be us three bloggy peeps and then our other friend named Dakota is coming too!....I'm having difficulty typing the name Dakota today! AND INSTEAD OF TODAY I JUST WROTE DOTAY! -.- fail! but anyway, I keep writing Daokta or Daekota! THERE IS NO 'E'! hahaha. I fail.

It looks like it might rain...but IT BETTER NOT!!! *insert angry face here*

Another reason that I wanted to make this post is because I'm addicted to this song! You should check it out people! It reminds me of my friends. Trust me Sunny and Kote, when you listen to the whole thing you'll know why! :) WATCH IT HERE! it's very catchy! :)

I'm also super excited because Sunny's sister Jane was at that market a few weeks ago and she said there is a bunch of ONE DIRECTION STUFF! WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! :D I'll be in heaven.
I was trying to insert a 1D picture here but my computer won't let me! D: poo. oh well!

Dessy-boo. ;) lool!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Adventures of Billy Bob: Part 3; I'm Not a Bunny, Are YOU, Charlotte?

  Surprisingly, Billy Bob found he was quite comfortable in Hop's huge hand, (hey, alliteration!) as it could fit all the way around Billy Bob's neck without squeezing it. However, the physical comfort of his situation was squashed by the mental and emotional DIScomfort. 

"Hey boss, look!" Hop exclaimed, practically drooling with excitement.

  Fruit Roll-Up glanced over from where he stood overseeing the store's petrified patrons and worried workers."What?"

  "It's a bunny!!" Hop cried gleefully, thrusting Billy Bob in Fruit Roll-Up's direction. 

  Fruit Roll-Up smacked a hand to his face, obviously trying to hide from the stupidity radiating from the giant to his right. "Ho-o-op!" he whined in a very un-leader-like fashion. "He's not a BUNNY!! He's a DUDE!! Now put him down with the others!"

  "But. . . he's a bunny. . . ." Hop then produced the most pitiful looking puppy-dog eyes and  pouty lips ever seen on any man or child, ever, and cuddled Billy-Bob to his chest. 

  Fruit Roll-Up eyes--er, eye. "FINE!!" he yelled, "KEEP THE BUNNY!! Just don't get distracted."

  Billy Bob hung limply in Hop's embrace, unsure of what to make of these developments. He'd never considered himself particularly bunny-ish looking, nor did he eat an unusual amount of vegetables. However, it was better than any alternative Billy Bob could think of. It also explained the giant's nickname. . . .

  Suddenly, the sound of singing filled the general store area, "Pizza Angel, please come to me!! Tomato sauce and cheese so go-o-oey! Pizza Angel, I'm on my knees! And don't forget to add my favorite anchovies!!"

  It was Caesar Salad, belting Veggie Tales tunes into the phone at the hostage negotiator. Questions started whirling through Billy Bob's mind. When did Caesar Salad ever watch veggie tales? And why? If he watched it as a child, how did he end up a robber? Why did Larry the Cucumber want anchovies on his pizza? And when did the phone ring, anyway?!

Billy Bob was baffled. 

Hop was unperturbed.

Curtain Eyes was pointing his bazooka at some beans.

Caesar Salad was still serenading the detective.

Fruit Roll-Up was furious.

  "GIVE ME THAT PHONE, YOU IDIOT!!" he bellowed, the wind of his breath enough to unbalance Curtain Eyes. He tipped, the bazooka tipped, and the tiny man ended up on top of his weapon, which now stood on the ground, pointing downward. 

  Fruit Roll-Up ignored his proportionately-challenged comrade and snatched the phone out of Caesar Salad's hand with the aggressive vigor of the Irritated Leader.

"Hello?!" he shouted into the phone. 

  "Yes, um, hi." the detective on the other end was still shaken by Caesar Salad's one-man Broadway show. "Are you the one in charge?"

"That's right, I am." replied Fruit Roll-Up, shouldering his machine gun. 

"My name's Det. Abney. What's yours?"

  "Uh. . . " Fruit Roll-Up pressed the mouth of the phone to his chest and pointed his gun at a young woman in the Hostage Huddle, causing her to snivel even more than she had been. "What's your name?" he demanded.

"Ch-Ch-Charlotte!!" she wailed.

  Obviously without thinking, Fruit Roll-Up yanked the phone back up to his mouth. "Charlotte." 

"Wha--? Come now, I gave you my name, it's only fair that you give me yours."

"What?" snapped Fruit Roll-Up, "A guy can't be named Charlotte? Or maybe I'm just a girl with a deep voice, you ever think of that?!? Well, Det. Abner? Didja?!?"

"Er, it's Det. AbnEY, and no, of course. . . Charlotte. That's fine. Ah, sounds like you've got quite the team, there. . . . Can I call you Carl?"

"Yes! Fine! Whatever! Call me Carl. Just get to the point!"

  Before Det. Abney could commence with the standard negotiation questions, there was a KABOOM, and dust rained down on everyone. The hostages immediately curled up like hedgehogs and armadillos, Caesar Salad dove INTO a cash register, Fruit Roll-Up jumped so high his mohawk got stuck in the ceiling, and Hop just stood there, patting Billy Bob's head in a consoling manner. Billy Bob made a face somewhat like this:

Or perhaps like this:

Either way, he was unimpressed. 

  When the smoke settled and the dust cleared, er--when the smoke cleared and the dust settled, that is-- everyone looked around to find out what had made that horrible noise. 

  As it turned out, Curtain Eyes (who, if you remember, was on the end of his bazooka, which was facing the earth) had accidentally pulled the trigger, firing himself and his weapon up into the ceiling, and creating a crater in the store floor.

"What was that?!?" cried Det. Abney over the phone.

  Wearily, Fruit Roll-Up (still suspended in the ceiling, btw) raised the phone to his face. "Nothing. Please stand by." He then hung up. All of a sudden, he wasn't so weary anymore. "CURTAIN EYES!!" He shrieked. Yes, shrieked. "ARE YOU INSANE?!?!? YOU COULD HAVE KILLED US ALL!! GET A HAIRCUT, DARN YOU!!!"

  "NEVAH!!" Curtain Eyes shook his fist from where he, too, was stuck in the ceiling, in a small and blackened hole just his size.

  Fruit Roll-Up sighed and hung limp for a minute before remembering where he was. "Hop! Get me out of this predicament!"

"Yeah, me too!" said Curtain Eyes. 

  "No!" yelled Fruit Roll-Up as Hop plucked him from the ceiling with one hand (the other was still holding Billy Bob). "Leave him. Hopefully he won't kill anybody from up there." 

  So, Curtain Eyes remained in the ceiling while the other robbers sequestered the hostages in the checkouts-turned-confetti-pits and ordered Jim to sweep up the dust. 

Will Billy Bob ever get over the trauma of being mistaken for a bunny? Is being mistaken for a bunny really such a bad thing? Where did Caesar Salad learn Veggie Tales songs? Will Curtain Eyes ever make it out of the ceiling? Will Detective Abney believe that Fruit Roll-Up's real name is Charlotte? Keep reading to find out! ;)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Adventures of Billy Bob: Part 2; Of Hair-do's, Hostages, and Goulash

  Billy Bob was flabbergasted when the confetti buried him beneath it's shininess, and even more flabbergasted when the robbers exploded into the room bearing heavy artillery. Although, being buried made it difficult to tell what was going on.

  What was even more flabbergasting...flabbergasting? Um....Shocking. What was even more shocking, however, was the fact that all four robbers (for there were four, remember) had wildly colored hair that jutted and/or fell from their heads in various crazy fashions. 

  Robber number one had a bright blue-and-red, foot-tall mohawk that went from front to back on his otherwise shaved head. He was also sporting a machine gun, leather vest, and an eyepatch. This guy appeared to be the leader. We'll call him Fruit Roll-Up, because really, who DOESN'T remember those delicious red-and-blue, foot-long treats?

  Robber number two had dark purple hair that hung in front of his face like the heavy velvet draperies of the rich and obnoxious. Thus, he couldn't really see what he was doing, and kept pointing his bazooka at his comrades, causing them to dive behind whatever or WHOever provided the best shelter. We'll call this confused little person Curtain Eyes. Curtain Eyes was very small, disproportionate to his weapon, causing most people to wonder how he carried it around at all.

  Robber number three had leaf-green hair that curled tightly to his head. How tightly, you ask? Let me put it this way: if you stretched out one of the curls, then let it go, it would hit him with such force he'd be knocked to the ground and, depending on how far you'd stretched the curl, it may very well knock him unconscious. Oddly enough, this scrawny fellow with the automatic handgun was also wearing a toga, prompting us to give him the name Caesar...Salad. Caesar Salad. It's more delicious. ;)

  Robber number four was by far the most intimidating. At least, to look at, he was. The sheer size of him was enough to keep all people but the very stupidist of people from laughing at his bright pink buzz cut. His arms bulged out of his I-ripped-the-sleeves-off-this-shirt-to-make-it-into-a-vest vest, and he towered at least a foot over everyone, even over Fruit Roll-Up's mohawk. His massive hands held no weapon, probably because he didn't need one. We'll call this giant...erm, giant, Hop, because....Well, you'll find out. 

  Billy Bob couldn't even see any of this until he'd managed to dig himself out of the confetti. By the time he clawed his way to the top, the robbers had chased the single security guard out of the building, and locked the doors. Billy Bob had to stop a moment and admire their skill. Not many people can lock a revolving door. 

  But Billy Bob's mental applause were cut short when Fruit Roll-Up yelled, "THROW YOUR HANDS UP IN THE AIR SOMETIME, SAYIN' AY-OH! I'M A HOSTAGE!!"

  Even the other robbers looked confused at that. Well, no one could tell if Curtain Eyes looked confused or not. At the moment he was pointing his bazooka at Hop. Hop pushed the barrel of the weapon back to point at the hostages. 

  Fruit Roll-Up cleared his throat and tried again. "Everybody over here, on the ground, now!"

  Billy Bob climbed out of his checkout-area, and was surprised to find that those were in only areas in which the confetti had fallen. The rest of the store was clear. 

  Right before Billy Bob could join the others in the ceremonial Huddle of the Hostages, the largest robber, Hop, lifted Billy Bob up, off his feet, by means of one huge hand around the much smaller man's neck.

"Hey, Boss, look!" exclaimed the brute. He seemed rather excited about something. Billy Bob was terrified to find out the reason for his excitement. Would he be killed?! Torn apart limb from limb? Made to eat goulash?!? The possibilities were endless and horrifying. 

What will happen to Billy Bob? Why is the huge one called Hop? Will Curtain Eyes ever get a haircut? Stay tuned. . . .

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Adventures of Billy Bob: Part 1; Prunes, Socks, Confetti, and You

I am going to tell you a story.

  Once upon a time--that is, yesterday--there was a man. Obviously this man existed before yesterday, or he would be a baby, not a man. But he existed yesterday as well, and so that's where we'll start. 

  This man, named Billy Bob, was a clerk in a store. A cashier, if you will. One of the guys at the front desk who checks out your items. Yes. One of those guys. 

  One fine day (yesterday, as we've already established), Billy Bob was at his station, happily scanning a jar of pickled prunes for an old lady and her three cats, when he realized something--the store didn't allow pets. 

  Billy Bob frowned. How did she get in here with them, then? he wondered. He was about to ask her how she got in with them, why on earth did she bring them, and could she not do it again, when the old lady gave him the most deathful death glare he ever saw, and hit him over the head with her umbrella/cane. 

  At this assault, Billy Bob collapsed to the floor of his checkout station. Being hit with a plaid umbrella was one thing, but he simply couldn't handle it when people gave him deathful death glares. 

  Timidly, he reached his hand up above the counter, holding her receipt in shaking fingers.  There was a hmph, and the receipt was snatched aggressively out of his hand.

  Billy Bob waited a moment, then poked his head up, peering over the counter. Phew! he thought, She's gone. Gathering his courage, Billy Bob jumped up onto the counter and yelled at the door, "MAY YOUR TOILET SUFFER THE WRATH OF A THOUSAND SUNS!!"

  Billy Bob stood triumphant on his pedestal of clerical power, surrounded by the startled faces of his coworkers (except for Jim the janitor, who could care less about life in general). Suddenly, a plaid umbrella came flying from out of nowhere, and hit him in the face. Billy Bob fell to the floor again with a giant THUMP, and a flurry of receipt paper. 

  Jim shuffled by, pushing his broom. He stopped briefly to look at Billy Bob, lying akimbo as he was, then shuffled on, muttering to himself about all the cat hair and receipts he'd have to clean up. 

  Billy Bob watched him go through the socks that covered his face. He had no idea where they'd come from, this was a grocery store, and they didn't stock socks. (try saying that three times fast.)

So he did. "Stock socks stokc sotck shtockshock blueberries." Billy Bob blinked, wet his lips, and was about to try again when a metric ton of confetti fell from the ceiling, and four robbers burst in, guns blazing. 

Well, that's the end of part uno of my totally random, unplanned, I-have-no-idea-where-this-is-going story! :D Hope you liked, because it'll be back. . . . ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Well, aren't we popular?

It's official. We have over 10,000 pageviews on this blog. For the more widely-know bloggers among you, that may not seem like much, but to little ol' under-appreciated us, it's quite a bit! :D So, once again, a giant thank you to all you who were amused enough by our ramblings to stick around, it's been great! :) Wait a second, that "thank you" wasn't giant. . . Let me remedy that as a way of ending this post. ;)


What A Great Deal!

I get emails about sales and different promotions from Chapters and this is the one I got today:Excuse me while I go save the big bucks and retire early.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012

My Decorating Obsessions and A Random Quote: Part 2

A post that is not about and does not feature pictures of cats by Sunny Smith.

I had this jewelry box laying around that I got when I was really young from...a relative, and I though that it was really ugly -well that's not quite the right word, maybe too sickeningly cheery? I don't know. Anyways, I wanted to use it, but I didn't want to look at the pattern on it so I got my creative juices following and transformed it from this:
This wasn't the exact box (it's pretty close though), because I had to find a picture online. It didn't occur to me to take a before picture at the time.

To this:
I just ripped up an old newspaper and used white glue to cover the whole thing. I was going to use matte medium, but I didn't have enough left. The glue worked out pretty good though. It's not a masterpiece, but it looks a lot better then ponies and sunshine.

And now for your quote:

You've never seen cuteness until now

Ok, if you are a fan of anything cute and fuzzy, you MUST check out this site: r/aww

And if you're one of those people who don't like to click on links, then just google r/aww. It has kitties, puppies, birds and bunnies, and it WILL induce squeals, squeaks, giggles, and of course, aww's. 

Fair warning. 

p.s. I think this one is ADORABLE. A sweet story of friendship. :)

Every day she waits for him, then they go for a walk.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

. . . That doesn't make any sense. . . Not even a little bit.

I'm confused. . . .

Last night, I had a dream about cereal, milk, and apple juice. But I woke up craving peaches with the burning intensity of a thousand suns(as my brother would say). Peaches. WHY?!? The dream had nothing at all to DO with peaches! Or any kind of fruit! Well, except the apple juice, but still, that's a juice now, it's not a fruit anymore!!

I still crave them.

I had cereal this morning, that took care of the first two, and I'm having apple juice now, so there's that, but we don't have any peaches. . . . . And there's really nothing I can do about that. Except. . . . . !

Oooohhhh, Daddyyyyy. . . . . . . . . . . !  ^.^

(p.s. just because I saw it in the labels section, I kinda want TEA now, too!)  ;)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Because everyone needs some adorableness in their life!

So, I was bored. Thus, I decided to treat you all to a truckload of lolcats. Ok? ok. 

 I don't even understand this one, but it makes me laugh. X)

 This one makes me DIE!!!!! XD

 LOL poor kitty!! X) he looks so scared!! 

HA! gee Dessy, why does this one make me think of you? XD

Ok, am I the only one who thought that said something COMPLETELY different?!? (mind in the gutter, much????)

 And now. . . . NINJAS!!!!! :D 

This next one makes me think of Numb3rs! :D

 Lol! this one makes me LAFF!! X)

 BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! It actually took me a while to find the "spy". XD

 HAHA!! I think I may have posted this one before, but I still DIE every time!! X)

And th-th-th-th-that's all, folks!

Except for this;

Sudoku! That should fix Sunny's "label" problem. X) 
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