Monday, July 30, 2012

My Decorating Obsessions and A Random Quote: Part 1.5

In my last post you saw my picture frames that I was satisfied with, but then there was a mild disaster.
This is what that wall looked like before the mild disaster. That shelf above the photos is the dreaded floating shelf. It was an impulse buy. I went into Home Depot to get an ornamental molding for another shelf (stay tuned for that post) and came out with the molding and this shelf. I put it up with these braces that were huge! I read up a little on the braces before I started drilling like a mad women into the wall, and according to some website that I took as the authority on this matter, if I put too much weight on this brace it could rip out pieces of drywall. Lovely. So I only used two of the braces instead of four which now that I'm thinking about it, that move seems really counterproductive, but that's what I did.

Anyways, after a few weeks of the shelf sagging just a little bit, I was convinced that it would be fine. So I put all my nick-naky things on it along with another picture frame and some of the small ones that you saw in my last post. Here's a closer up picture of the decorated shelf:

And then about a week or two later, disaster struck with a bang, literally. My sister and I were downstairs watching something, I forget what, and we heard a crash. My first thought was intruders, but then I was like, naaaah. Then I raced upstairs to look at the shelf. I just glanced in my room and it was still up, so I went back to the show with a shrug. Then later that night when we were both bleary eyed from too much screen exposure I realized that my desk was messier then usual and their was stuff on my floor that shouldn't be there (ie. it wasn't clothes). The shelf had tipped so it was at a 45 degree angle so a bunch of the stuff had fallen off. With a sigh, I took the rest of the stuff off and then took the shelf down at like 2 in the morning. Luckily the drywall is still intact.

The next day I went out with my sister shopping and hunting for something to help that wall. We went into Benix Co. and they were having an inventory sale so I got a set of ten picture frames for 14$. Which leads to the next picture, the wall redone. I have to say that I like this arrangement a lot better than the previous one even though some of the frames still need pictures. So without further ado, the finished result:
Oh and this pic below is a close up of one of the frames I got from Benix Co. The frame is not the best quality but it's fine for what I need and in the frame are these little gloves that my mom wore to my great uncle's wedding when she was a toddler.

So which one did you like better? Oh and I almost forgot the quote:P


  1. BAHAHA!! XD I love that quote!! X) and hmmm..... ya, the second arrangement makes the room seem more open and cheery! :D


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