Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Candy For Your Face. . . .

Guess what? I felt like posting more pictures, that's what! :D YAAAAY!! Everyone loves pictures!! :D

Ok, first up, we have. . . One Direction. I'M SORRY, OK?!?!? It's not like I'm a freaky fangirl. . . or a Directioner, as they call them. But certain people are, and besides, I found the pics interesting. ;D

Bahahaha, I'm right there with ya, buddy!! XD

Lol. Oh! bahahaha!!! XD while I was looking at One Direction pictures, these two pics popped up randomly, and made me absolutely die at the randomness of it. XD

Ok, try to sort this one out in your mind. Isn't it INTENSE?!?!?

LOL these next ones are just funny. ;D

 Ok, this one is kinda mean/bad, but I'm not apologizing for it. . . .  X)

Awww these next ones are just cute!! :D

AWWWW!! Isn't this one just so SAD?!?!?!? 

Ok, that's all I have. . . FOR NOW!!! lol 


  1. KOTES! I almost died laughing at the Edward one. Sending it to Jane now.

  2. BAHAHAHA I know!! XD I saw that, exploded into laughter, and promptly decided to put it on the blog. ;D

  3. I actually died laughing for almost 10 minutes at the Spock one! XD it was sooooooo unexpected. love all the One Direction ones though, Kota! ;D

  4. LOL me too!!! XD I was scrolling down, and suddenly THAT popped up. X) I lol'd. ;D


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