Tuesday, July 31, 2012

And a Bit of Immaturity at the End

  So, I had three really interesting (or at least, mildly interesting) blogging topics in my mind, but I didn't write them down, so guess what?

They're gone now. 

  But that's usual for me, so there's no use crying over the despondency of life. Actually, that's a pretty good thing to cry about, and this blog has nothing to do with that anyway. 

  I WANT A PHOTOSHOOT! Why? Because, dear Mirriam from Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden recently posted this EPIC medieval photoshoot she did with some friends, so now I'm really in the mood for one. ;) 

Well, while not medieval, it is epic-ly victorian. ;) And our shoot probably won't look nearly as good as her's did, but still. 

  IN other news. . . . . nothing. I got nothin'. Just drawin' a blank. . . . THERE'S NO JOY IN MUDVILLE!!! Not that I'd know.

  Actually, me and my bro (see pic!) just finished watching that Footloose movie they made last year. ;) I'd seen it b4, but he hadn't, so. . . .we watched it. Once again, it was great! :D Quite enjoyable, if sketchy and full of language. :S :P Now I want to watch the original. . . . 

My kitty meows for tuna! But HE CAN'T HAVE ANY!! Because it's been eaten already.

  I hope it's hot tmw (which will be Wednesday fyi, this post took me two days!), b/c we're going to the beach, and the hotter it is, the longer I can stand to be in the water. ;)

Well, that's about all the randomness I can pull out of my brain at the moment, see you some other time maybe, with some other idiocy. 



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