Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Allow me an obsessive moment

 With Dessy and Sunny gone it is my job to keep you entertained. They'll be back in *counts in head* three days, but I figure I should post at least once. 

 So. I just got up. Well, like 30 minutes ago, actually, but w/e. It FEELS like I just got up, b/c I haven't even had breakfast yet (Tho it's a bit late for that now. . . .). Either way, dad was unimpressed by my sleeping habits and gave me the stink eye when I came into the kitchen. I just put my hand on his stomach (b/c it's that kind of stomach. You know, lovable-sized!) and said, "I know." he replied, "You know, but aren't dad's allowed to yell?" lol but he didn't. Actually, I don't remember what happened next. . . oh yeah, he went into the living room to talk to our cousin, with whom he'd just finished playing tennis. :) AND HE (our cousin) DISPROVED MATH!! lol jk check it out:

Three men walked into a hotel and asked for a room. The manager told them it was 30 dollars, which they thought was perfect at 10 dollars each. So they paid and went up to their room. 

As the bellboy was loading their bags onto the trolley, the manager said, "You know, I feel kinda bad. We're empty here, and the room's only got one bed anyway. Here, take this five dollars and give it back to them." 

So, the bellboy took the money and was riding up the elevator when a thought occurred to him. "Five dollars doesn't divide evenly among three people, so I'll keep two dollars for myself and give them each back a dollar." So he did, bringing the total that the three men paid to 9 dollars each.

Now, 3 times 9 is 27. 27 plus 2 (that the bellboy kept) is 29. What happened to the other dollar from the original 30?

LOL you should have seen me and dad after he told that one!! XD *a profound silence*. . . . . . . . . "Woaahh. . . ." XD bahahaha

Hmm, there was something else I was going to tell all you cyber-viewers. . . Umm that I got a new ipod, perhaps? White 4th generation touchscreen, wootwoot!! :D haha

yes. Or perhaps it was about this show we love called Numb3rs, and my slightly-creeperish love for Don? (I have what Sunny would call a Character Crush, although she probably only uses it in terms of book characters, but w/e. It works for me!)  X)

 That's Don on the right, there.

And there he is on the left. . . .

And now he's back on the right again! 

Yes, I am a freak, this fact was never disputable. 

Well, if you've never heard of the show, I suppose I should give you some background. It's not a new show, btw, it ended in like 2009. 

Basically, it's about Don Eppes, a lead FBI agent, and his little brother Charlie (the other guy in the pictures), who is this genius mathematician, and who helps Don solve crimes.

And there's the rest of the team. From the left, Alan (Don and Charlie's dad), Megan, David, Don, Charlie, Colby, and Amita (another mathematician). They're missing Larry, who is another math guy, and Megan was only the female FBI agent for season 2-4. In season 1 it was Terry, and in season 5 (which we're in now) has Nikki. idk about season 6. 

Anyway, the show is what you'd expect, solving crimes in less-conventional ways, as well as the ups and downs of everyone's friendships and love-lifes. 

Anyway, I will leave you with some pictures to swoon over. Lol well, YOU might not, but I will. ;) :D <3 <3

 Sadly, Don doesn't smile nearly often enough in the show. 

 Aw, Don, being all moody and intense. X)

And of course, being confused by Charlie's insane math skills. "Wait, so. . .it's like this?"

Lol, hope you enjoyed!! ;D I certainly did! <3 <3

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