Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teens React to One Direction

P.S. Kotes posted earlier go down and look at it!

And a Bit of Immaturity at the End

  So, I had three really interesting (or at least, mildly interesting) blogging topics in my mind, but I didn't write them down, so guess what?

They're gone now. 

  But that's usual for me, so there's no use crying over the despondency of life. Actually, that's a pretty good thing to cry about, and this blog has nothing to do with that anyway. 

  I WANT A PHOTOSHOOT! Why? Because, dear Mirriam from Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden recently posted this EPIC medieval photoshoot she did with some friends, so now I'm really in the mood for one. ;) 

Well, while not medieval, it is epic-ly victorian. ;) And our shoot probably won't look nearly as good as her's did, but still. 

  IN other news. . . . . nothing. I got nothin'. Just drawin' a blank. . . . THERE'S NO JOY IN MUDVILLE!!! Not that I'd know.

  Actually, me and my bro (see pic!) just finished watching that Footloose movie they made last year. ;) I'd seen it b4, but he hadn't, so. . . .we watched it. Once again, it was great! :D Quite enjoyable, if sketchy and full of language. :S :P Now I want to watch the original. . . . 

My kitty meows for tuna! But HE CAN'T HAVE ANY!! Because it's been eaten already.

  I hope it's hot tmw (which will be Wednesday fyi, this post took me two days!), b/c we're going to the beach, and the hotter it is, the longer I can stand to be in the water. ;)

Well, that's about all the randomness I can pull out of my brain at the moment, see you some other time maybe, with some other idiocy. 



Monday, July 30, 2012

My Decorating Obsessions and A Random Quote: Part 1.5

In my last post you saw my picture frames that I was satisfied with, but then there was a mild disaster.
This is what that wall looked like before the mild disaster. That shelf above the photos is the dreaded floating shelf. It was an impulse buy. I went into Home Depot to get an ornamental molding for another shelf (stay tuned for that post) and came out with the molding and this shelf. I put it up with these braces that were huge! I read up a little on the braces before I started drilling like a mad women into the wall, and according to some website that I took as the authority on this matter, if I put too much weight on this brace it could rip out pieces of drywall. Lovely. So I only used two of the braces instead of four which now that I'm thinking about it, that move seems really counterproductive, but that's what I did.

Anyways, after a few weeks of the shelf sagging just a little bit, I was convinced that it would be fine. So I put all my nick-naky things on it along with another picture frame and some of the small ones that you saw in my last post. Here's a closer up picture of the decorated shelf:

And then about a week or two later, disaster struck with a bang, literally. My sister and I were downstairs watching something, I forget what, and we heard a crash. My first thought was intruders, but then I was like, naaaah. Then I raced upstairs to look at the shelf. I just glanced in my room and it was still up, so I went back to the show with a shrug. Then later that night when we were both bleary eyed from too much screen exposure I realized that my desk was messier then usual and their was stuff on my floor that shouldn't be there (ie. it wasn't clothes). The shelf had tipped so it was at a 45 degree angle so a bunch of the stuff had fallen off. With a sigh, I took the rest of the stuff off and then took the shelf down at like 2 in the morning. Luckily the drywall is still intact.

The next day I went out with my sister shopping and hunting for something to help that wall. We went into Benix Co. and they were having an inventory sale so I got a set of ten picture frames for 14$. Which leads to the next picture, the wall redone. I have to say that I like this arrangement a lot better than the previous one even though some of the frames still need pictures. So without further ado, the finished result:
Oh and this pic below is a close up of one of the frames I got from Benix Co. The frame is not the best quality but it's fine for what I need and in the frame are these little gloves that my mom wore to my great uncle's wedding when she was a toddler.

So which one did you like better? Oh and I almost forgot the quote:P

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Decorating Obsessions and A Random Quote: Part 1

Over the past few weeks, I've taken quite the liking to decorating. I blame it on HGTV and all those books about design with all the pretty pictures. It's inspired a few different design projects in my bedroom. So I decided to post some pics (in a series because there is tooo many for just one post) because who doesn't like creeping someone else's house? What? That's just me...psh.

As for the quote part of the title, you'll just have to wait till the end. That being said I know that you're going to go scroll the post for it. Go ahead, I'll wait.
Alright, onwards and upwards!
This is montage of what my room looked like before and what it looked like in the process (corner pic.)
Project number 1 was picture frames. I read this book about framing pictures and was inspired to do my own collage of picture frames, so I went to Value Village and got all the frames in the picture. The thing was that a bunch of them came in bags so I had to buy a whole bagful of frames for the one good one I spotted. That accounts for the shear amount of frames. Yeah, the picture is kind of blurry because I messed around with sizing, but you get the picture (haha, get it?).
This is one of my favourites:)

Then I went garage-saling and got two more oval frames (at two separate sales!) that matched almost perfectly with an oval one I got from V.V. (you can see a bit of that one in the picture above)

And here's the finished results of the two collages on the wall that I ended up with!

And finally the quote:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Last night I got the movie Mirror Mirror from the library. Although it wasn't the most intelligent movie, and Snow was slightly annoying I still enjoyed it because of these two additions. The Dwarves and the Prince. Enjoy the two videos featuring them:) They literally made me laugh out loud, especially this one dwarf who's always hitting on Snow.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Youtube Humor (mostly LOTR)

Helloooo. *grins stalker-ish-ly for a while* . . .  Have I creeped you out yet? . . . . I didn't think so. 

Anyway, I, Dakota Densmore, being of bored mind and lazy body, hereby decided to post some random videos that I always find intensely amusing. ;D The first are remixes of random lines from popular movies, namely, Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. 


LOL @ 0:45 random teletubbies. XD

EDIT!! lol I just found this (right now its like, a day after I first posted this) and thought it was also hilarious. X)

YEESSS DISNEY FOR THE WIN!! (lol sunny I know you hate it when people say that) XD


LOL this next one in NO WAY resembles the plot of The Lord of the Rings. Also, if you haven't seen the movies; WATCH THEM!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE MISSING THEY'RE SO AWESOME!!!! extended version is better, btw. 

His galoshes of wickedness?? . . .  Hello?

Oh, I almost forgot!! YOU HAVE TO SEE THE FRODO SONG!!! X)


And, b/c that last one that I posted made me think of it, here's BANANA PHONE!! XD

And, of course, sped up. ;)

Ok, hope you enjoyed at least some of that, although if you've never seen Lord of the Rings, most of that probably didn't make sense to you. It also means at least 27% of your life has not been experienced. If you don't WANT to watch it, let me tell you. . . . you have some serious issues. ;)

Ok, one final note, to Sunny and Dessy, as you were away, you might not have noticed my other post, soo. . . . check it out. ;)  :D

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Allow me an obsessive moment

 With Dessy and Sunny gone it is my job to keep you entertained. They'll be back in *counts in head* three days, but I figure I should post at least once. 

 So. I just got up. Well, like 30 minutes ago, actually, but w/e. It FEELS like I just got up, b/c I haven't even had breakfast yet (Tho it's a bit late for that now. . . .). Either way, dad was unimpressed by my sleeping habits and gave me the stink eye when I came into the kitchen. I just put my hand on his stomach (b/c it's that kind of stomach. You know, lovable-sized!) and said, "I know." he replied, "You know, but aren't dad's allowed to yell?" lol but he didn't. Actually, I don't remember what happened next. . . oh yeah, he went into the living room to talk to our cousin, with whom he'd just finished playing tennis. :) AND HE (our cousin) DISPROVED MATH!! lol jk check it out:

Three men walked into a hotel and asked for a room. The manager told them it was 30 dollars, which they thought was perfect at 10 dollars each. So they paid and went up to their room. 

As the bellboy was loading their bags onto the trolley, the manager said, "You know, I feel kinda bad. We're empty here, and the room's only got one bed anyway. Here, take this five dollars and give it back to them." 

So, the bellboy took the money and was riding up the elevator when a thought occurred to him. "Five dollars doesn't divide evenly among three people, so I'll keep two dollars for myself and give them each back a dollar." So he did, bringing the total that the three men paid to 9 dollars each.

Now, 3 times 9 is 27. 27 plus 2 (that the bellboy kept) is 29. What happened to the other dollar from the original 30?

LOL you should have seen me and dad after he told that one!! XD *a profound silence*. . . . . . . . . "Woaahh. . . ." XD bahahaha

Hmm, there was something else I was going to tell all you cyber-viewers. . . Umm that I got a new ipod, perhaps? White 4th generation touchscreen, wootwoot!! :D haha

yes. Or perhaps it was about this show we love called Numb3rs, and my slightly-creeperish love for Don? (I have what Sunny would call a Character Crush, although she probably only uses it in terms of book characters, but w/e. It works for me!)  X)

 That's Don on the right, there.

And there he is on the left. . . .

And now he's back on the right again! 

Yes, I am a freak, this fact was never disputable. 

Well, if you've never heard of the show, I suppose I should give you some background. It's not a new show, btw, it ended in like 2009. 

Basically, it's about Don Eppes, a lead FBI agent, and his little brother Charlie (the other guy in the pictures), who is this genius mathematician, and who helps Don solve crimes.

And there's the rest of the team. From the left, Alan (Don and Charlie's dad), Megan, David, Don, Charlie, Colby, and Amita (another mathematician). They're missing Larry, who is another math guy, and Megan was only the female FBI agent for season 2-4. In season 1 it was Terry, and in season 5 (which we're in now) has Nikki. idk about season 6. 

Anyway, the show is what you'd expect, solving crimes in less-conventional ways, as well as the ups and downs of everyone's friendships and love-lifes. 

Anyway, I will leave you with some pictures to swoon over. Lol well, YOU might not, but I will. ;) :D <3 <3

 Sadly, Don doesn't smile nearly often enough in the show. 

 Aw, Don, being all moody and intense. X)

And of course, being confused by Charlie's insane math skills. "Wait, so. . .it's like this?"

Lol, hope you enjoyed!! ;D I certainly did! <3 <3

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Book

So, me, Dessy, and Sunny have all been collaborating on a book for the past couple years. Sounds like an intense project, but it's really really not. ;)  We write small sections, and can go for months without writing in it. We're nearing the end, but we'll be lucky if we reach 130 pages. Ah, well. 

Anyway, we have not yet named said story, calling it simply, "The Book." But, if we were to get it published (and that would be quite a feat), we couldn't call it that, because the story itself has nothing to do with books, and thus would confuse the reader much more than we'd intended it to. ;) And so, late one sleepless night, I came up with a list of titles that may more accurately portray the sheer ridiculousness of our literary endeavor, that list being:

-The Unlikely Escapades of Several People

-Treasure Hunt of Paffle-ish Proportions

-14 Stupid People and 3 Big Blokes

-How NOT to Conduct a Treasure Hunt

-Where Are We Going, Exactly?

-The Ridiculousness That Never Was

-Weren't There More of Us Before?

-A Very Good Way to go Insane

-Then There Were THOSE People

-Once Upon a Time, When We Were Bored

-Hey, Who Stole My Paffle?

-What Kind of a Name is THAT?

-As Jiggly as a Cave Full of Mugs

-You Wish Your Life Was Half as Exciting as This

-A Charming Tale of Death and Deceit

-Don't Eat Cheese Before Bed

They say short titles are the best, but as everyone knows, ridiculous books have ridiculous titles, and the most ridiculous titles are the long ones. ;D Oh, Sunny and Dessy, as for that last title, lets just say, I have an idea that may or may not pan out. :)

On a totally unrelated note, LOOK AT HIS FACE!!! XD XD XD LOL

P.S. I added more quotes to the Favorite Quotes post, click the link on the sidebar to take a look!! :D

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Random Shtuffs


I AM ON MY BROTHER'S LAPTOP! :D THAT always EXITES me. I love LAPTOP keyboards. JUST saying.
okay thennnn.

So, I love all those random pictures that Dakota posts, so I'm gonna try my hand at that....but they'll be mostly One Direction related...probably. I haven't actually decided yet. :P

but before that, I must say that Sunny and I are going away on Saturday with other people from our Church, including Lydia, but she doesn't post very much....or ever. XP anyway, needless to say, we'll be gone until the 14th. I'm sure that Kota will be able to entertain you all ! :) she's really super good at that.

I'M LISTENING TO JB MUSICCCCCCC....don't judge. I'm cool. ;)


this was ACTUALLY in a video. I legitimately DIED the first time I saw it. and for the record, Zoey was some chef chick at the XFactor. (obvs, this was from back then.)


 random picture that popped up! XP


 my one friend loves this one ;D

 part of it is cut off, but you get it. it's true too ;)

ENOUGH ONE DIRECTION NOW. :D here's other funny shtuff. okay, so there's this thing called Sarcastic Wonka, some of them are funny! :)

I'm gonna go now......

pickles. cheese. summer.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Candy For Your Face. . . .

Guess what? I felt like posting more pictures, that's what! :D YAAAAY!! Everyone loves pictures!! :D

Ok, first up, we have. . . One Direction. I'M SORRY, OK?!?!? It's not like I'm a freaky fangirl. . . or a Directioner, as they call them. But certain people are, and besides, I found the pics interesting. ;D

Bahahaha, I'm right there with ya, buddy!! XD

Lol. Oh! bahahaha!!! XD while I was looking at One Direction pictures, these two pics popped up randomly, and made me absolutely die at the randomness of it. XD

Ok, try to sort this one out in your mind. Isn't it INTENSE?!?!?

LOL these next ones are just funny. ;D

 Ok, this one is kinda mean/bad, but I'm not apologizing for it. . . .  X)

Awww these next ones are just cute!! :D

AWWWW!! Isn't this one just so SAD?!?!?!? 

Ok, that's all I have. . . FOR NOW!!! lol 
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