Monday, June 25, 2012

Eye Candy

So, I found these pics. What's more, I found them amusing, or at least interesting. And so, I thought to share them with you. Or shave them, as my typo thinks I should. ;)

The first three are just awesome-looking. :D

Now we become humorous. . . . ;D

I can!! :D

Can you see the hidden man?

So true. . . .

 hahaha Batman. XD

Superman: "I'm BATMAN!"  Batman: "GIVE IT BACK!" ;D

YES. SO TRUE. Boys, take note. 

I hope that amused you the way it amused me. ;)  :D As in, a lot! ;D


  1. that amused me highly! I love the Cinderella one and the Lady Gaga song/periodic table of elements thing:P

  2. LOL yeah. Everytime I see the Lady Gaga one, I get that part of the song stuck in my had. XD I like the "REAL gangsters" one and the "Paradise" one. ;D

  3. LOL nice pics y'all! Especially the Batman and the Jazz Hand ones. Now that I saw that "eye candy" I am going to eat some "food candy"

    hope all is well, Miss ya's

    OOh oh!!! I lost the game

    -The Artist Formerly Known as James the Intern

    1. Woah, Fretzy!! :D long time, no comment! :) FOOD CANDY!! give me some! :D lol


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