Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hello. This be Diddlesworth. Big Bertha be a working barbeque. See where this is going? ....yah, me neither. Or should I say "we". Densmore be here too....or should I say, "I be with Densmore". I'm at her mansion. Just kidding. Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa.
So we're blogging on my iPod so there won't be any labels or pix....or effort for that matter. We're honestly considering taking a nap. 0.o

AZABAZA. One Direction. WOOOOOOOT. Okay, we made muffins. Two batches and we didn't fail. They were double chocolate et carrot. Louis likes us now. ;) the double chocolate ones were SOOOoOooOoooO good. Idk about the carrot ones ;) cuz I didn't have one. Were they good, Kote? She says, "mhm." AHHAHAHAHAHA. There you have it. We also took a bunch of wacky pictures. It was a riot. :)


I can almost seeeeeee it, that dream I'm dreeeeeaming but, there's a voice inside my head saying, "you'll never reeeeeeach it."

I want, I want, I want but that's craz-ay!!!!

People are people and sometimes we change our minds...

I've put up a good fight, but your words cut like KNIIIIVES and I'm tired.


Okay, so yes it's a 1D song, but it's funny cuz I've heard this about the chorus:

1D: tell me I'm a screwed up mess.
Me: you're a screwed up mess.
1D: that I never listen.
Me: you never listen
1D: tell me you don't want my kiss
Me: 0.o ummmm....

HAHAHHAHAHAH. Give it up for the things Directioners come up with.

pce. and love. from us. :)

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