Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oh, it's THOSE people again. . . .

Hello! We are both here. Both of us. Dakota and Destiny. AND JEFF!! ||

Guess who we just had an interesting little chat with? That's right. Your favorite nonsensical fish face, Guppy. Gotta love him! Although, we hate him. But anyway. 

Here's our rather. . . . um. . . . well, here's our conversation. Before you even read it (if you do), if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or queries about anything we wrote about. . . . Don't even ask. 

And now, without further stalling--I MEAN ado, your feature presentation, GUPPY!!

JUST KIDDING!!! Well, we weren't kidding, we did talk to him, BUT, copy and paste are butts, so now, we will merely entertain you with your--er, OUR, stupidity.

red is Dakota!!
purple is Destiny!!
Blue is us!!

First, a story.

Once, there was Butt. He was actually a pickle, but no one knew that, because he wore pants. One day, while out in the cheese factory, he fell into a vat of mozzarella and nearly expired. But he didn't. Because he was a dipthong, and not a dingbat. If he was a dingbat, he would have perished in the cheesiness. As it was, he climbed out and continued on to the disco club. He saw a sign that said, "Stop clubbing, baby seals!" And decided that punctuation was important. He no longer felt like going to the club, so he went to a thrift store and bought an orange lacy thong, to give to his bff, who was, in fact, a man. He was also a piff, which is a cat sneeze. Don't ask. 

The End.

Now, Destiny. 

NEW YOOOOOOOOORKK.He was a piff, he was a kitten sniff. Put that to the tune of Monster Mash and you have yourself a nice little song. That's currently stuck in my head. Then sing some Julian Smith or even ONE DIRECTION and then YOU'RE SET FOR LIFFFFE! az bazz, bazz az. It was a barnyard bash. No Hunter, that's "graveyard smash." NO. Hunter (or hunger, if you can't spell, LIKE ME...) is not currently here but he thought it was barnyard bash when he first heard the song. We had a good chuckle, chuckle, chuckle at that one....yes, we really did. DAKOTA AND I REALLY CAN NOOOOOOOOOTTTT SPELL TO SAVE OUR LIVES TODAY. it doesn't look like that to you, but we're hitting that there backspace key quite a bit.
Dakota made me want cheese....I'm going home soon *sobsobweepweepkittensniff* and then maybe I'll have some chezz. THAT'S CHEESE FOR ALL YOU DIPTHONGS IN THE CROWD. btdubs, dipthong is a musical term that I learned in vocals class so don't be concerned that I'm cursing at you! :O OH MYYY. HEY THAT REMINDS ME OF MY EPIC NAIL P--


YES........CUZ SHE HAS HER DANCE RECITAL ON SATURDAY AND I NEEDED TO HELP HER...ISH. IT WAS MORE AN EXcUsE TO HAng out. HHEHEHEHHEHEHEEREHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHERATHDAFYHADH. but as I was saying, the OH MY, reminded me of my kitten sni-- er, my nail polish that I buyed today aht the mall. The makeup brand was GOSH, so they made the nailpolish line be called OH MY. GET IT?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!??!?! HUH HUH HUH?! it
's like, OH MY GOSH! :D that's too epuuuuuuuc.....epic.

Bucket list: get a degree in psychology. Ask people WHY they'd like fries with that. 

and that's all. Add is to the BUCKETS OF FUN post I made a while a go and you're aaaalllllll set!! 

GREAT GOOGLEY MOOGLEY!!!! a FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O 

............... ALas, Dessy is gone. I WILL NOW DIE A PITIFUL DEATH!! but first, a word from me and her, THE dear departed soul. . . . . .



  1. Destiny Diddlesworth11 June, 2012

    HAHAHAHAH! yes, pickles. ;) that post that you made a couple months ago always makes me LOL for some reason. BUT YESTERDAY WAS FUNNNN! :D

  2. lol yep! :D <3 <3 oh, guppy. . . . XD


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