Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Summer: Mentalist Edition


done that? good.

as for my title, that just popped into my head as I was deciding what to make my blog post title be. so, there it is! :D WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT.

I just realized how interesting it is that I always seem so hyper and crazy on my blog posts when half the time I'm just sitting here like a rock. fat, motionless (except for maybe my hands), cold, lump. that made me LOL. but I shouldn't have said that because true comedians don't laugh at their own jokes! and btw, I'm not fat, I know.

As for The Summer: Mentalist Edition, pretty much I want to blog about 2 things; summer, and The Mentalist. I'll just go in order.

I just turned on the TV and I'm watching iCarly. that made me think of last night when there was a commercial talking about the episode that features One Direction and it made me think of;
1) the fact that Dakota loves that episode
2) the fact that it's only airing on that channel this weekend and I was thinking "suckaaas, I've already watched it on YouTube!

Now that that's out of the way, lets proceed.

I CANNOT WAIT FOR SUMMER! so many things keep on reminding me of summer and I just can't wait for the last day of school, and for my exam to be over and then I can CHILL AND HAVE SUMMER BREAAAAAAAAAAAK! :D

as for The Mentalist, I've just been loving that show lately. usually I hate all shows that are like that cuz they just aren't my type of show. but lately I've just been looooving The Mentalist. speaking of which, there's a new episode on tonight and I'm rather excited to watch it! just.....four more hours :)
but it's annoying cuz on TV the show is at season 4 but Dakota has only seen up to season 3, and I'm DYING to tell her what happened on last week's episode because it was incredibly dramatic and just based on last week's preview for this week's episode, tonight's episode looks even more insane than last week's and I DIDN'T EVEN THINK THAT WAS POSSIBLE!!!!!!! :O I'm rather excited, but I'm dying to tell Kote but I can't! and my brother Hunter told Kota's brother Wilson about it, so maybe I could tell Dakota, but only if she's interested! :P

well, I better shut up, but here's some random quotes from TV! :)

"I'm not all about goofy antics, and spontaneous fires!"

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  1. LOL were those quotes from iCarly? :D aaaaaannddd I guess you could tell me! :P :)


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