Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SpyGuy: A Story in One Act

Do you love action? Adventure? Explosions? Muscular, sweaty men running around with guns? Incredible feats of daring-do impossible to survive in real life? Congratulations! You came to the wrong place. Although I do love muscular men and explosions (yes I am a pyromaniac), we don't really have that here. You may have to go watch an action movie. If you like karate-type fighting, anything with Jackie Chan, Jet Li, or Donnie Yen is pretty good. If you prefer. . . . .anything else, anything else is generally pretty good! ;) lol

Aww, but you are disappointed. You wanted a ridiculous action story, and possibly pics of hot guys. Well, ok. If you insist! ;D


SpyGuy vs. The Russian Dude; Escape from New York City

A Narrative


"Oh, geez!' SpyGuy ducked under the bullets spraying from behind him while at the same time pulling his motorcycle sharply to the left to avoid a collision with the back of yet another of NYC's bright yellow taxis. SpyGuy glanced behind him at the two huge brutes chasing him on huge bikes and was tempted to yell, "The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!" But he didn't. Instead, he spoke into his watch.

"SpyLog entry 147. Date: Wednesday, May 1st, 2012. I have retrieved the chip from The Russian Dude's headquarters in New York City. Two of his goons are in pursuit--" he paused his report to zip through a few sidestreets and other places, some that were not supposed to host a motorcycle. "Attempting to shake them."

Suddenly, he saw his chance. A subway entrance was coming up on his right. He sped into it, flying down the stairs and landing with a not-at-all-painful thump at the bottom, thanks to the specially-cushioned seat the scientists at HQ had come up with. SpyGuy smiled to himself. The goons didn't have special seats. Ha.

Looking to his right, SpyGuy saw a train, getting ready to exit the station.

Just one shot. he thought, gunning the engine. He took off just as the goons roared down the stairs. Gunfire echoed through the cavernous room. The train began pulling out of the station. SpyGuy pushed his bike to it's limits as his narrow window of opportunity began to close. Moments before the train reached the tunnel, SpyGuy drove off the platform and soared past the train, turning both body and bike to avoid smashing into the opposite wall.

The goons were only a few seconds behind him, but they were a few seconds too late. The train chugged steadily out of the station, picking up speed, and completely hiding SpyGuy from view. The goons had no way of knowing which way he'd gone, or where he'd come up.

SpyGuy laughed as faint shouts of rage reached his ears beyond the roar of train and bike. He zipped along, hugging the wall of the tunnel, speeding through his very perilous escape route. He spoke into his watch again.

"Mission accomplished."


Ta-Da!! Yeah, yeah, yeah, how could anyone possibly do that with a bike, right? Remember what I said before about feats of daring-do? And yes, I know, there weren't really any explosions, and you have no way of knowing whether SpyGuy is hot/muscular or not. But then, the heroes usually are. And as for explosions, I was trying to open a package of crackers at lunch, when KAPOW!! they were all over the place. Now, what else did I promise you? Oh yeah, pics. *siiiiiiiiigh* Fine.

There. Happy? Two good guys, tough guys, crime-fighting guys, and one even has a gun.

Oh, and if you're interested, the first guy is Duke from G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and the second guy is Booth from Bones.

Speaking of G.I. Joe, WHO ELSE IS EXCITED FOR THE SECOND MOVIE?!?! ooooooo! or the new Avengers movie?!?! :D :D :D <3 <3 <3

hehehe. ^.^

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  1. HA! Booth! Tehe, I love him. That made me chuckle.


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