Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Multiple Ramblings

Hello all you fiiiiiine people! Hope your having as great a day as I am! But, you're probably not, and that makes me sad. :'(  Oh well! :D

Today's (first) blog topic is: Mexico!! And why you shouldn't go there.

What's that? You're shocked? WHY are you shocked? It seems like a logical thing to say. First of all, Mexico is HOT. I mean, The-Sun-May-Melt-Your-Steering-Wheel, Take-A-Nap-Or-Else-You'll-Faint, kind of hot. And it's do dusty! All deserts and dirt.

Secondly, it's really, really crowded. Especially if you go to Mexico City. Did you know the population of Mexico City is more than the entire population of Canada? Yeah.

Thirdly, it's DANGEROUS!!! Especially if you're Canadian! THEY KILL CANADIAN DOWN THERE!!! CANADIANS END UP DEAD IN MEXICAN DITCHES!!! I mean, seriously, all the gangs and stuff they have? Tell you what, if you want a hot, sunny vacation where you can lay by the pool all day, go to Hawaii. There, instead of being mugged, you'll have beautiful people put strings of flowers around your neck.

If you live in Mexico, don't be offended, I've never been down there, so I have no idea what I'm talking about. X) lol

Well, I think I have the time and space for at least one more blog topic. Let's see. . . . aha! I will humor the OCD side of myself and tell you organization-challenged people how to effectively clean your room. Or any room, actually. Just like a self-help book. . . .

How to Clean a Room in 5 Easy Steps (For When You Don't Know Where to Start):

1- Gather any garbage that is laying around and throw it out, and take any dirty dishes to the kitchen (if you are cleaning the kitchen, pile them neatly by the sink/dishwasher)

2- Put any dirty clothes, towels, cloths, or any other fabric that needs washing into a laundry basket

3- Put away any clean clothes, towels, cloths, or any other clean fabric that is laying around, and if you are cleaning a bedroom, make the bed.

4- Gather things like toys, books, movies, games, etc., and put them back where they belong (if you are feeling overwhelmed, it can help to catagorize what you're putting away, e.g. put all the books away first)

5- If you are particularly dedicated to cleaning the room, now is the time to dust the tops of everything, and either vacuum or sweep the floor, depending on whether it's carpet or not. If it is hardfloor and rather dirty still, you may now want to wash it.

Ta-da!! The room should be clean. ;)

We have room for another topic. :) (in case you're wondering, yes, I'm trying to cross a bunch of stuff off my list.) X) . . . . ooo, here's one:

The Dangers of Antiperspirants.

Sounds weird, yes? BUT IT'S TRUE!!! ANTIPERSPIRANTS WILL GIVE YOU CANCER!! DON'T EVER USE THEM!!! Seriously! The stop you from sweating, which sounds like a good thing, BUT IT'S NOT!! B/c when you sweat, your body is getting rid of bad stuff, which is also why it smells bad when it can't evaporate. :P BUT ANTIPERSPIRANTS PREVENT THE BODY FROM GETTING RID OF THE BAD STUFF, SO IT STAYS INSIDE AND POISONS YOU!!!!

Bottom line, NEVER EVER USE ANTIPERSPIRANTS. And if you're using them now, STOP!

Alright, alright, I'll stop spazzing.

One more short one and I'll scram, I promise.

A short grammar lesson:

Than vs. Then

Then is used in this way: 
-If you are playing on the computer, then I will watch TV.
-I went to the store, then I went home.

Than is used in this way:
-It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt.

Ok, I'm leaving, I'm sure you're sick of my multiple topics by now. X) Tune in next time for Alternate Themes, Edition 5.

. . . . .PICKLES!!


  1. So Kote, are you telling me you're not going to wear deodorant anymore?


    Also, I think you were the first to teach me about then and than a long time ago.

  2. WHAT?!?! are you kidding me? Deodorant is my bff! XD antiperspirant and deodorant are completely different things! :P lol

    and yes, I seem to recall that. :P ;)

  3. Oh.

    Another thing that Kote has taught me! And deodorant is your bff? That might be taking it a little TOO far:P


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