Monday, May 14, 2012

Cinderella, Julian Smith, la dee dahhhh...


long time no blog....yes, I say that every time, I know. I really need to get my head in the blog or else everyone's gonna think I'm a slacker..what's that? I am a slacker, you say? Well, shuuuuuuuuushh, they don't need to know.

anyway, currently I am writing a very boring 1000 word essay for Vocals class on Cinderella! :D how fun!!!!!!!!!...not.

but a couple of days ago I was busy reuniting myself with our good friend Julian Smith. We were first introduced to him and his amazing videos last summer. "We" is Sunny, Dakota and me of course! I figured I should make you all like Julian just by posting some of my favourite lines from some of his videos! :)

from Jellyfish: "take some jelly, take some fish, make a sandwich, deeeeelish."

from Blind Date: "you're from the suburbs, your name is Scotty, what's WRONG with you?!"

from Nice Hotel: "dollar sign, dollar sign, dollar dollar dollar sign."

from Trees Hate You: "show them that thing that you do!"

from Granny Games: "I hope you put yourself up for adoption!!!"\

(one of my favs) from Mr. Timn in Candyland: "how about this face? Do you want to take a picture?....send it to someone close? .....not in proximity but in relation."

from Grandma is like Whoa: "my grandma is righteous, she always reads the Bible."

THE BEST ONE! from Rendezvous with You: "ladies you don't even get it, I really like your style, you nearly drive me wild........I want to rendezvous with you!"

I just finished my essay! :D well, I left this post for awhile cuz my mom came in ;) but I came back now and I have finished my paper. it's 872 words but the instructions DO say "...will be less than 1000 words..." so it should do!!

So, I'm a cool kid and as I was searching for a picture of Julian Smith, I came across this random picture of this dude playing the saxophone. Obviously that isn't the Julian Smith you saw up there but this picture made me LOL so I was forced to add it to the post. I'M STILL LOL'ing OVER HERE AND MY MOM THINKS I'M STUPID! XP

Now, I will leave you with a couple of videos to watch!

Rendezvous With You is here, Nice Hotel is here, aaaaaaaaand Trees Hate You is here! So enjoy!


P.S. I REALLY WANT TO POST ANOTHER POST BUT I SHOULDN' maybe I will tomorrrow...heehee!


  1. no way. . . was it really just last summer?!?!?!?

    and that guy's name IS Julian Smith, and he was on one of those Somewhere's Got Talent shows. XD

  2. yah I think it was! :O

    and yehhhh, I figured that :P but I meant that he wasn't OUR Julian Smith!


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