Thursday, May 31, 2012

Alternate Themes: Sixth Edition

Yes, it's back. And this time, it's focusing on one of the EPIC-EST shows EVER MADE. . . .


If you don't know what Merlin is, SHAME ON YOU!! But I will explain briefly to alleviate your shame. :)

Merlin is an epic show on BBC about (you guessed it) Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, and all them peeps. THEY'RE BRITISH!! Well, technically, Colin Morgan (who plays Merlin) is Irish. Actually, that's still classified under British. . . . Aaanyway. It starts with Merlin arriving in Camelot, where Uther (Arthur's father), has banned magic. Oh yes, I forgot to say, they're not your typical version of the legend, with really-old Merlin and King Arthur being married to Gwen. They're all younger, (like 20), Merlin is Arthur's servant, Arthur is the prince, and Gwen is servant to Morganna, Arthur's foster sister. Betcha didn't see THAT coming, didja? lol

Sunny introduced me to the show, I introduced my family to the show, and everybody we've ever introduced to the show has loved it!! WELLLLLL almost everyone. SOME people don't appreciate it's awesomness. *coughdessycough* lol jkjkjk. ;) <3

ANYWAY!!! enough spazzing over hot british guys. While the show doesn't have a theme song, per se, it does have something that starts off every ep, so it's close enough. ;)

There's the opening. HA!! I FOUND OUT HOW TO PUT THE VIDEO ON THERE!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!! anyway.

The original lyrics(or w/e you'd call them):

In a land of myth,
And a time of magic,
The destiny of a great kingdom
Rests on the shoulders of a young man.
His name,

There you have it, short and sweet.

Now, our "lyrics":

In a place of legend,
And an era of sorcery,
The fate of a grand empire
Sits on the shoulders of a youthful male.
His appellation,

If you watch the show, you'll get the "Emerus" thing. :P ;) Sadly, there really is no good substitute for "shoulders". . . . .

I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE FIFTH SEASON TO START AIRING AND FOR THE FOURTH SEASON TO COME OUT ON DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O :O :O b/c I am a freaky fangirl. X) <3 <3



    I feel so special for introducing it to y'all:P

    Also, as Jane would say GWARTHUR all the way!

  2. BAHAHAHA!!! XD ah yes. . . . ;)


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