Thursday, April 26, 2012

V is for...


I felt like I owed it to my fellow bloggers, Dessy and Kote to include at least one boy band. Yes, I chose the Jo-Bros. This is one of their more catchy songs, and I have to say that I do enjoy listening to it. No matter what you may believe, I AM NOT ABOVE BOY BANDS!! Say what you like, but I can have my sugary pop if I want it! Just not too much b/c I might get a musical stomach ache (isn't that a clever metaphor?) Anyways, I do believe that we might have rocked out to this song on air band night.

Does this band really need an intro? I don't think so. Enjoy!

Haha, have a good laugh at how dedicated the fan was who made this video and how young they all look! And for some reason at the end it goes into a different song, but whatever.

Discussions for comments:
Who's your fav Jo-Bro?
What's your guilty musical pleasure? (does that sound really perverted? well GET YOU MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER PEOPLE!)
Are the Jo-Bros gone from this world or will they have a comeback?

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