Wednesday, April 25, 2012

U is for...


If you've read any classic fiction that title may or may not ring a bell. It's the title of the last chapter of Little Women. Anyways, this isn't a fiction theme (although, that is an idea for next year) it's music. "Under the Umbrella" is the title of the ending score in the movie Little Women (1994). I LOVE that movie. It seriously is my favourite movie of all time. Anyways, I love just listening to this song that is so majestic, and it has an amazing brass part in it (GO BRASS!). I actually want to cry when I listen to it sometimes, just thinking about the movie. Not tears of sadness or of gladness, but of shear emotion (poetic eh?). It may not mean as much to you if you haven't seen the movie, but enjoy it anyways. It's best played at full volume, fyi.

Oh, and for Dessy and Kote I did look into posting about the One Direction song "Up All Night" *cue heart attacks*, but then I remembered "Under the Umbrella" and their was no doubt about what I was going to post about.

And of course, I also added a picture from the final scene with Jo and Frederick.
Frederick: "But my hands are empty! I have nothing to give."
Jo: "Not anymore."


  1. I love the 1994 Little Women movie too. I watch it a lot. My significant other is always thrilled.

    1. Haha, it's amazing! I try not to watch it too too often so the effect doesn't wear off. My family has a collective eye rolling when I bring the topic of this movie up:P

  2. I've never watched Little Women--but I've heard/read a lot of good things about it. One for the list. :)

    P.S.: I notice this blog is run by teens! I love that, since I'm a teenager myself.

    The Golden Eagle
    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

    1. Yeppers, you've got us pegged! Thanks for the visit!


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