Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Three for the Price of One, Plus a Free Mad Lib

I had a thought. It's this:

People often get confused, and they often don't pay attention to what's right in front of them.

It's true.

At least, in my case it is. ;)

After much strenuous puzzling, my thought led me to this conclusion:

People probably don't know that there are three authors for this blog. That's right. Say it with me; THREE.

Shocking, right? But if you were super observant, and read lots of our posts, you could probably see the difference in style and voice we each bring to this place of randomness. Or, you could just see the different names highlighted at the bottom of each post. Whatever floats your boat. But to save you doing all that work, let me make it easy for you. . . . um, people. ;) lol

-Me (Dakota) (the extra-random, explosively flighty, slightly sardonic one)
-Destiny (the super-hyper, squirrely fangirl, fake gangsta one)
-Sunny (the intellectually artsy, dedicatedly procrastinating, enthusiastic picture-taking one)

There's also Lydia, but she never posts. Lost her password, or something? So, I therefore have no idea what her style/blog voice would be like. More tasteful, I'd think. Thoughtful and intelligent. The sense in our nonsense. The Human in our Super Hyper Human Beings. The meringue in our lemon meringue pie. No, that doesn't make sense. But it is delicious. A delicious biscuit. . . . Hmm.

Oh, before I forget, let me give you a Wiktionary definition for "sardonic";

1. Scornfully mocking or cynical

2. Disdainfully or ironically humorous.

Sounds harsh, but remember, I said "slightly." And I always make sure people know I don't really mean it. I'm Canadian, you know. Have an aneurysm if I offend anybody, and all that.

Also, Dessy, if you don't know what I mean by "fake gangsta," think of the words you sometimes use, not bad words, but words that I really hope you don't use because you seriously think they're cool.


Anyway. Please keep note, none of these descriptions are a bad thing. X)

SO now you are apprised of the situation. I hope we can keep you interested in our inane babbling for a long time to come. In the spirit of that, here is a Mad Lib me and Dessy did one time. I'll give you the blank one first, so you can use it if you want. Don't worry, Dessy, it's not one of the weird ones. . . .

Ah, but first, I want to say, WE DID NOT MAKE THIS STORY UP!! We got it out of a Mad Lib book which we purchased in a book store. Two guys named Leonard Stern and Richard Price wrote it. Made the whole game up, in fact.

And, just because humanity always needs to hear things more than once, I'll say it again:



Okay, now we may continue. This one is called Little Red Riding Hood. First, I'll list all the words you'll need, in case you're doing this by yourself.

plural noun
silly word
verb(past tense)
plural noun
plural noun
plural noun

One day, Little (color) Riding Hood was going through the forest carrying a basket of (plural noun) for her grandmother. Suddenly, she met a big (adjective) wolf.

"Where are you going, little (silly word)?"

"I'm going to my grandmother's house," she said.

Then the wolf (past tense verb) away.

When Miss Riding Hood got to her grandmother's house, the wolf was in bed dressed like her grandmother.

"My, Grandmother," she said, "What big (plural noun) you have."

"The better to (verb) you with," said the wolf.

"And, Grandmother," she said, "what big (plural noun) you have."

The wolf said, "The better to (verb) you with."

And then she said, "What big (plural noun) you have, Grandmother." But the wolf said nothing. He had just died of indigestion from eating Grandmother.

Well, I was going to give you the story again, filling in all the blanks with the words me and Dessy used, but this post is getting kind of long, and besides, I didn't ask Dessy if I could. She might not want me to. So, I won't.

But, I hope you enjoyed it, and get much future enjoyment out of it, and, if you want, I'll do this again sometime, giving you one much more. . . .interesting. ;) But you have to comment and let me know. I'm not a mind reader. Even if I was, I don't know who you are, or where you are, and even if I DID, chances are you'd be too far away for me to read your mind. So, comment.

. . . . Please. ;)


  1. Destiny Diddlesworth04 April, 2012

    Of course I enjoyed this...I always enjoy your posts <3
    And I wouldn't have minded if you posted our actual blanks. As long as it wasn't one of our more STUPID ones! $: sketchy children..
    Btw, loved your description of me! ;P

    1. haha, good, I'm glad. X) and maybe I'll post a non-sketchy one another time. ;D <3

  2. lol:P Get your mind out of the gutter children!:P

    Nice post Kotes.


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