Friday, April 6, 2012

Punctuation IS important, and Other Ridiculousness

So, I'm sure you've seen one of these charts before:

idk if you can read that at all, but w/e, I'm sure you can make it work. ;) Since your birthday always (obviously) stays the same, and therefore your sentences are almost always similar, I like to just choose random numbers for fun. Like this: 7 4 red;
I shot a fork because the voices told me to.

or, 5 11 blue;
I gave my number to my dog because I'm hot and I do what I want.

and, since it's me, and they mention it anyways. . .
1 7 grey
I fell in love with a ninja because that's how I roll.

It's fun!! :D

(FYI, one thing you will learn about me very quickly? I. LOVE. NINJAS!! SO SO MUCH!!) ;D


Okay, on to the more intellectual part of this blog, I--oh, fine, I'll do my birthday one for you. ;)

8 30 pink;
I danced with my best friend's brother because I'm retarded.

NOW we can be intellectual. The topic of our deep, intense discussion? Punctuation: Important, or no?



  1. bahahahahahahaha that's too funny! I might have to use that over a SOI sometime!

  2. I love the punctuation quotes! They always crack me up. The baby seal one is hilarious! Thanks for sharing and have a great April!



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