Wednesday, April 18, 2012

O is for...

Either Owl City, OneRepublic, or Oasis.

Hold on while I see which one has the most exciting music video to post
Okay, the verdict:
Owl City-Vanilla Twilight
Just a bunch of people giving weird expressions to the camera looking at the "Vanilla Twilight". Ugh, good song, bad video. Mildly funny, but not in a laugh with you, more like laugh at you way. Check it out here, if you so desire.

Ryan Tedder being a stalker to some random girl who can make pretty napkin thingies. Oh and don't forget the random bird flying away at the end. Again good song, weird video. If you wish to check it out, click here.

I don't even feel like talking about the random mixture of black and white clips. Bah. I won't even give you a link, SO THERE!

So what did I decide since all those videos were not to my liking. Well you'll just have to watch and see. Enjoy!

In case you didn't pick up on it I choose a clip that featured OneRepublic's Secrets.

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