Tuesday, April 17, 2012

N is for...


I only know their one song, "Never Forget You" but I love it! I first heard it in the movie Leap Year. Tehe, I loved that movie! Anything with Amy Adams is usually good and this one also took place in Ireland making it doubly good!!! We actually watched it with a bunch of girls and one of our leaders, we'll call her C, at the end when (spoiler alert fyi, but really, when DOESN'T this happen in a chicflick?) the love interests get together after knowing each other for like a few weeks or something and the guy proposes C was like "And this all happened after they'd been dating for six months! Sometimes I just insert bits of plot to explain things"

That just made me laugh, because I do it to:P If a movie does something stupid or a part doesn't quite mesh I just explain it away. Example:
How did the guy just get here to save her when he was being tortured a hundred miles away in the last scene?
Answer: Daily Double
No, I'm just kidding, I just wanted to write that. Only the nerds will get that:P

The real Answer according to Sunny: Well, after his fairy/ninja godmother came and freed him for the evil captors she gave him a special power to teleport to save the girl. And that's HOW he got there (of course all that happened off screen). Oh, and she also gave him some emergency medical care to fix up all his injuries, leaving a few for the "tortured (literally) effect".

Alright, I'm rambling. Enjoy the song peeps.

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