Monday, April 9, 2012

G is for...


It was our very own Dakota who introduced me to this er...folksy group. I'm not sure if she knew about it before, but apparently in Jaye's car coming home from the retreat this was quite popular. Anyways, this group is Canadian (WOOT!) and from Newfoundland. A lot of their songs are sea shanties (like the one I'm going to share with you). I don't know about you but it brings me back to the elementary school days when we used to sing Ise the Bye quite often. What I love about this live performance of "Excursion Around the Bay" is how much the audience is into it. Plus, it's just a fun song to listen to even if I don't understand half of what he's singing.

This one's for you Kote.

P.S. Listen for him to yell at the audience! It always makes me chuckle.


  1. Hi, I listened and really enjoyed it. thank you. Best regards to you, Ruby

  2. What a fun post. Visiting from AtoZ.

  3. whoohoo!! that's great fun, I love the audience participation. I think I'll be toe tapping for the rest of the day...thanks :)
    Sue: An A-Z of Climate Matters

  4. lol "SING!!" XD <3 the audience, too!! :D also, <3 the random couple dancing in a circle!! X)

    1. Bahaha, I didn't see the couple! I'll have to watch it again and look for them!



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