Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hello again people!

I feel really compelled to blog more especially because we have more followers! Not to mention I'm really bored.

I thought I'd share a couple of interesting little stories.

1) today my dad brought home this pop and he was going to give me some. So he goes to open the bottle and it just starts EXPLODINGGG! it was actuallly rather hysterical! I am currently LOL'ing as I write this. But it got like ALL OVER THE KITCHEN I SWEAR! my dad keeps saying "it wasn't really that funny". And I'm like YES IT WAS DADDY!! :P
It could partially be my fault cuz I kinda remember randomly jiggling the two pop bottles when my dad was out of the room...which makes the whole experience funnier! But of course I wouldn't tell my dad that part of the story! $:

2) I was randomly reminded of Sunday night at Church when Dakota and I were being complete idiots...(when are we not?!) let me give you some back story...actually no, let me not. I'm a lazy butt. but anyway, the story.
So we were shortening Beauty and the Beast into Beauty and the B once, cuz we didn't want to write it all out and so I started thinking of some other things. One example is; Beauty and the Brains. Some of our more stupid ones are;
Beauty and the Buff Guy
Beauty and the Blonde
Beauty and the Bulletin
and one of Kote's favs;
Beauty and the Buns!

Apparently sometimes when I say certain things it's just the WAY I say it that's funny. Anyway, we pretty much went downhill from there.



P.S. The reason Kote said that I'm the "fangirl" might have to do with my slight over obsession with One Direction.. $:

P.P.S. Sunny, I'm on my iPod so I can't add labels! Care to do it for me?! (;

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