Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Exclusive

Sound exciting? It's not. lol Let me tell you the story.

The time: Anywhere between 7 and 9 on a Sunday morning, I forget exactly
The place: The church kitchen
The characters: Me, my brother, Dessy, and some random kid
The extras: The church youth group and leaders thereof
The scene:
Dessy; "SPOCK!" *does Vulcan sign at Wilson (my bro), then directs it towards the random kid* "Oops, you're not a Vulcan."
Me: Yeah, Vulcan is a very. . . very. . . some kind of group. What's the word?"
All of us: *try unsuccessfully to think of the word*
~two days later~
Wilson (aka SPOCK!): "wow. . . ."

Yes, and that is my intriguing story about the title. Moving on. . . .

If you were here for Sunny's G post for the A-Z blogging challenge, then you'll know what I'm talking about when I say, I like Great Big Sea. (here's an interesting tidbit: the members of the band Great Big Sea were also the Merrymen in that new-ish Robin Hood movie that came out a while ago, the one starring Russel Crowe? Yeah. Took me by suprise.)

Yes, about 98% of their songs are super weird, and most make less than no sense, but hey, they're Newfies, what do you expect? ;) lol One of their weird songs that I happen to like is called End of the World. I can hardly understand a word of it, but it's fun! :D Let me give you a couple of examples of the lyrics. Somewhere in the first verse it sounds like they say "two teen reporters got drunk", and somewhere in the third verse they say "Birthday party, cheesecake, a jellybean, boom." Seriously. I was going to link to a video for it, but idk. . . . the lyrics they put down don't really match what it sounds like. Whatever. ;)

Speaking of weird words that makes us laugh, we have these old detective movies, from like, the 40's, called The Thin Man. . . . Men. lol The first one is called The Thin Man, the others are called stuff like, Shadow of the Thin Man, The Thin Man Goes Home, etc. Here's a link:

Thank you, Wikipedia. Anyway, at the start of the first one (I think), Nick Charles (if you clicked the link, you'll know who I'm talking about) comes back home from wherever, and is immediately mobbed by all his *ahem* less reputable friends, as well as some respectable ones, all calling out greetings and questions about whatever case he'd just solved. One of the less reputable fellows yells above the others:

"Hey Nicky! How are ya? I read you got shot four times in the tabloids!"

A rather witty man, Nick replies:

"That's a lie! They never came near my tabloids."

HAHAHA! lol that always makes me laugh. X) perhaps because it sounds odd if you have a dirty mind. . . . like me. XD

lol Anyway, that brings me to my next point! :D We watch this show, called Lie to Me, about these people who are experts in human emotion; human lie detectors.

They can see exactly what you're feeling by minute facial movements and by body language. The guy who started their company, Cal Lightman (this weird little British guy with perpetually slumped shoulders and a generally drunken-looking walk), is the best of them, of course.

In one episode, he and his crew help a soldier with PTSD. He was a little nuts. But with good reason, as you find out. At one point in the ep, Cal asks the soldier:

"When was the last time you had a good night's sleep?"

the soldier answers:

"One, maybe two months ago."

I only tell you that because it helps this part make more sense:

So, at the end of the ep, Cal, the soldier, and the soldier's wife and son are in a war cemetery, by a certain person's grave, and they (Cal and the soldier) are talking about rewards and stuff, and the soldier says something like:

"I got another reward, last night."

Cal glances at soldier's wife, some distance away, and asks:

"Oh? And that was?"

The soldier smiles:

"A good night's sleep."


"Aah!" *motions to soldier's wife* "I thought. . . . y'know, the opposite. Mind in the gutter, and all that."

Me: BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! HE SAID MIND IN THE GUTTER!!!!! XD and I immediately thought of Sunny and Dessy, and I knew I had to blog about that. X)

Just one more thing, then I'm gone. It's something I overheard. Yes, yes, we've been all over the map today, haven't we? Well, that's what happens when you store up blog topics for several days. Anyway, me and my bro were sitting around at this place (I don't feel like telling you where, haha), and two women came down the hall. We heard them before we saw them. This is what we heard:

"Men just don't understand . . . (long pause) . . . how much stronger they are than women. Physically! Mentally, we're stronger."

Me and Wilson just looked at each other and laughed into our hot chocolate.

So THAT'S my slightly ramble-y post that took several days to write. :)

Goodbye, So Long, Farewell, See Ya, Adios, Adieu, Auf Wiedersehen, Aloha, and Get Out Of Here! ;D


  1. lol:P I love overhearing snippets of people's conversations.

  2. Destiny Diddlesworth18 April, 2012

    eeheheheheh I loved the "tabloids" thing. btw when did the "you're not a Vulcan" happen? Like it sounds familiar but I don't remember when I said that! ...and who was the random kid?

    1. Oh no, don't tell me Kote's hallucinating again:P Just kidding, lol

  3. lol @ Dessy I was paraphrasing. You said something like that. and the random kid was Ethel's bro Conrad. X)

  4. Destiny Diddlesworth19 April, 2012

    RIIIIIGHT! gotchya! (:


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