Wednesday, April 4, 2012

C is for...

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeello everyone!

Today's letter is C, and keeping with the musical theme I chose an artist named Chloé Saint-Marie and her song "Mon Bel Amour". I honestly can't tell you much about this artist, except the obvious that she's french (not as in france french, but as in english vs. french french) and from Quebec (see not france). I can't even tell you about the album it came from because I don't even know how this song got into my itunes library. It was one of those days where the ipod dock was on shuffle for hours and hours while I worked *cough procrastinated cough* away at homework. I heard the beginning chords for Mon Bel Amour and was jerked out of my dazed stupor and picked up my ipod to see what that haunting melody could be. Obviously, it was "Mon Bel Amour".

Huh, I thought, where did this come from?

Here are my theories:

1. One of my sister's friends put it into my library while transferring a bunch of other songs I wanted from her. Kind of like a bonus song, two for the price of one sort of deal.

2. Aliens (Yes, I just said that. I blame it on the boys in my Ancient History class that tried to convince us that Aliens were responsible for the Pyramids of Giza...psh)

ANYWAYS, it's an awesome song. It's very haunting and sobering. It means "My Beautiful Love" in English fyi. Enjoy:)

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