Saturday, April 28, 2012

X is for...

X-Men theme!

I was completely stuck for "x" so this is what typing an x into the youtube search bar came up with. The only thing for "x" I could thing of was Xerxes (thank you ancient history), but somehow I don't think there is any musical theme I could pull out of that. I'll be the first one to tell you I know nothing about the X-men movies except that I watched the 90's cartoon X-Men Evolution which was vastly entertaining. The whole thing is on Youtube I believe. Anyways, there was something else I was going to say, but it's not coming to me. So here's the theme for X-Men movies, and Kote if you wish to edit this post and add your two cents about X-Men you're more then welcome considering you have actually seen the movies!

~hellooooo! :D It's me, Dakota. Thank you Sunny, for this entertaining topic, and the go-ahead to spaz. ;) lol well, it's not a spaz, so much. I did like that cartoon, however. :D me and my bro watched all. . . .however many seasons there were. X) I've seen X-Men, X-2, and X-Men First Class. All very good, First Class especially, I think. I didn't like number 2 so much (but it's Dessy's fave), and apparently the 3rd one is really dumb. Apparently--wait. . .


ok, apparently, Jean's power goes out of control, and she can't stop it, and it starts killing people, including Scott, and b/c of his healing ability, Logan is the only one who can get close enough to stop her, and the only way to stop her is to kill her, so he kills her. ya. sounds CHARMING and like such a good way to spend a couple hours. TO BE UTTERLY DISAPPOINTED!!



I've never seen any Wolverine movies, either. Like Wolverine Origins, or any others they might have made about them. Well, actually, I might have seen a bit of it in Florida once. We were flipping channels and saw Logan fighting people in a forest, and getting stabbed twice in the stomach, but healing of course. And that's the extent of my Origin knowledge. X)

Sooo yeah! That's my two cents. ;)

Friday, April 27, 2012

W is for...


I actually remember finding their C.D. "Be My Thrill" in my kitchen after one of my sister's friends dumped a bunch of her unwanted possessions on her. I figured this was one of those items (see they weren't all crap), so I listened to it. Surprisingly, I liked every single song on the C.D. And that my friend does not happen often, so when it does it usually jumps up pretty high on my list.

Anyways, The Weepies are a folk group, but not folk as in "She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes" folk. More modern alt folk, or as wikipedia puts it indie-pop folk. They're a married duo and this is what the wife has to say about the name (I'm sure it gave you a pause as it did me)

" ...came about from a few different sources, but one was, you know, those sort of old movies that were called weepies, where you could basically be guaranteed that if you needed a good cry, you could go and see one of these and bring your hanky and have a good time. And we want to be able to provide that for people. We want to make music that touches them and moves them in that way, the place where tears come from, for joy and for sorrow."

I was going to post a video of them preforming live, but youtube isn't working. So you'll have to settle for a picture instead.

P.S. I just finished watching season 2 of Downton Abbey. IT'S AMAZING!!! Any other fans out there?


So the other day it rained, and I decided to take full advantage. I got my camera and got to work! Here's some of my results:
Maybe it's me, but the rain looks almost sticky in this picture, tehe! I just thought I'd share!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

V is for...


I felt like I owed it to my fellow bloggers, Dessy and Kote to include at least one boy band. Yes, I chose the Jo-Bros. This is one of their more catchy songs, and I have to say that I do enjoy listening to it. No matter what you may believe, I AM NOT ABOVE BOY BANDS!! Say what you like, but I can have my sugary pop if I want it! Just not too much b/c I might get a musical stomach ache (isn't that a clever metaphor?) Anyways, I do believe that we might have rocked out to this song on air band night.

Does this band really need an intro? I don't think so. Enjoy!

Haha, have a good laugh at how dedicated the fan was who made this video and how young they all look! And for some reason at the end it goes into a different song, but whatever.

Discussions for comments:
Who's your fav Jo-Bro?
What's your guilty musical pleasure? (does that sound really perverted? well GET YOU MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER PEOPLE!)
Are the Jo-Bros gone from this world or will they have a comeback?

The Story of Floweria: By Sunny (As Told By Dakota)

A long time ago, Sunny wrote down in the pages of history the inspiring story of Floweria. Since I can't bear to see it forgotten, gathering cyber dust on the electronic shelves of this blog, 

(ok, those shelves aren't electronic. who cares?) I decided to retell it for you here, with one slight revision. In the original story, Sunny called the men of Floweria "pansies," because of their delicate nature. Well, I heard somewhere that "pansies" can apparently refer to men who stopped hiding in the closet, as it were. And so, not wishing to offend anybody (Canadian, remember?), I changed "pansies" to "mice." Just in case. ;)

And now, without further ado, The Story of Floweria!


  Once apon a time, in the land of Floweria, there lived a bunch of mice. These mice weren't the small grey rodents that we find in our sheds, basements, and occasionally bathrooms. They were a bunch of timid men that let their womenfolk protect them when the evil Bumbly Bees raided their little log huts. 

  The women of Floweria all rode Helen Davidson motorcycles and ran the motorcycle shop Helen's Bikes. Long ago in Floweria, Helen had taken over for Harley in his motorcyle business, because Harley had suddenly developed an irrational yet paralyzing fear of rubber, making it impossible for him to put tires on the bikes. 

  That, understandably, created some problems for the bikers. So, Harley locked himself in his room and started weaving baskets. Although the baskets were quite lovely, it still left Helen to run the bike shop. She decided that if she was gonna run it, she'd take credit for it, too, and promptly changed the name of the shop. So that's how all this biker-chick business started. 

A typical day in Helen's went something like this:

"We've got an order for a hot pink bike!" Helen would yell over the intercom. 

  The workers would don their gloves and welding materials and fire up the old furnace. They would immediately set to work, yet in a sad manner. They would finish the bike quickly and efficently, but it didn't give them the pleasure that they yearned for. 

  In truth, the women wanted to work at the company across town called Bloggin' Inc. They only worked for Helen because their husbands and brothers wouldn't do it, and they loved the bikes too much to let the business go.

  Anyways, all the mice worked in the local supermarket, but even there they were scared, and had to build up their courage in order to serve the customers. 

  You see, these mice (otherwise known as men) were frightened to death of fire and didn't even like motorcycles! So, they all worked in the grocery store. 

A typical scene in the supermarket would go something like this:

"Clean up in aisle two." Larry would call over the intercom. "The BBQ display was trashed. Again."

  Due to their fear of fire, the men just wanted to get rid of the barbecue display, because they knew that sooner or later all those barbecues would randomly burst into flames. 

  Also, they hated to use the cash register, because the "ding" it made when it opened scared them, and caused them to dive under the counter in a flurry of green paper.

 This is how the people of Floweria lived out their days; frightened, tired, miserable, depressed, and in constant fear of spontaneous combustion. 


  One day, Chuck Norris happened to come upon it! He was in need of a motorbike that matched his awesomeness, and had heard of Helen's excellent reputation. He strolled in casually enough, but was slightly startled when he saw all the women. Not that he thought women shouldn't work on bikes, but he didn't see a single, solitary man in the entire plant! 

  As confused as he (being Chuck Norris), could be, he asked the next woman he saw where all the men were. Actually, she was laying under a bike making repairs at the time, so he had to pick it up to ask her. 

"They're at the supermarket!" she said peering at him through grease-covered goggles.

"Why?" he asked, still holding the motorcycle above his head.

"Because they're cowards! Now put down that bike!" she snapped. 

  Chuck, being a gentleman, obliged and carefully put down the bike. His curiosity was definitely aroused. He marched into the supermarket to see just how cowardly these cowards were. 

  He opened the shiny glass door and stepped inside, nearly giving the clerk at the front desk a heart attack. Chuck looked askance at him, but decided to go up and talk to the man.

"Hi." He said. "Could you tell me--" 

  He never got to finish his question, as the clerk fainted. Chuck blinked, checked his breath, and shrugged. He strolled through the store, peering down every aisle, wondering where in the world all the men went to, and how they got up the courage to go there. 

  Finally, just as he was about to wash his hands of this weirdness, he heard frightened muttering coming from somewhere nearby. Following the voices, Chuck soon found all the rest of the store employees huddled together a safe distance away from what seemed to be a barbecue display. Someone had trashed it. 

  Chuck looked from the display to the men and tisked, causing all the men to leap into the air, squeal at various volumes, and even caused one of them to wet his pants. Chuck tossed up his hands in exasperation.

"I don't believe you people!" he exclaimed. 

  He formed them all into a straight line and ordered them to march out of the store, which of course, they did, having no courage to deny him. Chuck followed behind them to make sure there were no stragglers. He also grabbed the shirt of the unconscious man and dragged him along, too. 

  He marched the men out of town to a little cabin in the hills where he put all the mice through vigorous physical training and intense mental training. Because they were so incredibly weak and timid, it took Chuck a whole week to make them into real men. But finally, the week was over.

  The women at Helen's were in for a surprise. They hadn't really noticed the fact that the men were gone for a week, because really, they hardly ever saw them anyway. But today was different. 

  There they were, working away, when all of a sudden, smoke started swirling around the door. At first, the women thought a squirrel had gotten stuck in the tailpipe of a motorcycle again, when they saw it. All the men, dressed in army fatigues, sauntering through the door in slow motion, with golden sunlight flashing dramatically behind them. 

  Some women cried. Some fainted. Some were afraid to breathe, lest they ruin the vision. However, by not breathing, they too passed out. The men, still moving in slo-mo, gently moved their womenfolk aside and took their places at the motorcycle assembly line. 

  Then Chuck Norris came and held open the door and made a sweeping gesturing, indicating the ladies were free to go. The women ran to Bloggin' Inc., also in slo-mo, and to the tune of "Chariots of Fire."  

  Everyone celebrated! Helen's was changed back to Harley's, forcing Harley to go back to work there, or else face charges of fraud. But after several therapy sessions, he got over his fear of rubber and was fine again.

  The women blogged happily, filling the web with their insight and opinions (and there were quite a lot of them!)

  Everything went back to the way it was before the men inexplicably became wusses. Everything was perfect. Well, almost everything. The time had come again for the Bumbly Bees' bi-monthly raid. But this time, Floweria was prepared. 

  As the Bees approached, Chuck led his men in a charge against them, and soon men dressed in black and yellow were flying every which direction. Some were stupid enough to get up again after they were knocked down, but they rarely tried that more than once. 

  And so, the positions of Floweria and the Bees were reversed. This time, Floweria was the one cheering after the battle, while the Bees ran screaming into the hills. They were never heard from again. The Bees, that is. 

 There was just one thing left to take care of. The grocery store sat, empty and abandoned, all alone on it's street corner. Chuck couldn't bear to see it looking so sad. But what to do with it? He pondered his dilemma for a moment, then got a brilliant, Chuck-Norris-like idea. 

  He bought the store and turned it into a karate studio, so that wimps could learn to be tough. Once establishing the business and appointing his best student to be the new teacher, Chuck rode away dramatically into the sunset on his newly-finished motorcycle, never to be seen by the Floweians again.

Floweria got Chuck Norrised!

The End!


Yaaaayy!!! WOOHOO!! *applause* Thank you, Sunny, for that intriguing and enlightening recount of historical events! You probably noticed I took some *ahem* liberties with it. Artistic license, you know. ;) All interested parties, please click this link

to see the original story. I just added a few minor details. ;) lol! But I had to. I mean, it's not like I could make up an entire epic, blog-worthy story all by myself! ;D

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

U is for...


If you've read any classic fiction that title may or may not ring a bell. It's the title of the last chapter of Little Women. Anyways, this isn't a fiction theme (although, that is an idea for next year) it's music. "Under the Umbrella" is the title of the ending score in the movie Little Women (1994). I LOVE that movie. It seriously is my favourite movie of all time. Anyways, I love just listening to this song that is so majestic, and it has an amazing brass part in it (GO BRASS!). I actually want to cry when I listen to it sometimes, just thinking about the movie. Not tears of sadness or of gladness, but of shear emotion (poetic eh?). It may not mean as much to you if you haven't seen the movie, but enjoy it anyways. It's best played at full volume, fyi.

Oh, and for Dessy and Kote I did look into posting about the One Direction song "Up All Night" *cue heart attacks*, but then I remembered "Under the Umbrella" and their was no doubt about what I was going to post about.

And of course, I also added a picture from the final scene with Jo and Frederick.
Frederick: "But my hands are empty! I have nothing to give."
Jo: "Not anymore."

HOLLA, thanks and things of the sort!


Destiny J. Diddlesworth is in the HOUSE! I've been leaving a lot of the blogging to Kote and Sunny lately, mostly because they're 1290741238906532489756x more entertaining than me. Plus, I've been a lazy butt, plus pretty busy. But I have been reading the posts and I appreciated Dakota's One Direction one ;) hehehe. and I also loved her referencing me as the "the super-hyper, squirrely fangirl, fake gangsta one".

(for the record, I have no idea what the caption says)

I have been trying to get more in touch with my more gangsta side lately actually. I'm proud. I have a long way to go in my gangsta journey but with the help of some of my fellow gangstas I will get there! As my one gangsta friend told me "you will learn to be a true gangsta one day!" :) yaayyyyy!
To practice being gangsta I say things like:
-"holla at chya boii!"
-"holla at chyo motha" ....stupid, I know, but it's gangsta-y.
-"yeee boi!" (classic).

yes, I am odd. WHY AM I LISTENING TO THIS SONG WHEN I DON'T LIKE IT CURRENTLY....GOSH. aaaaaaaahhhh, One Direction. Soothing to my ears <3

*ahemmmmm* now to the point of this post. oh right, there isn't one. how embarrassing. JOKES!


I suppose I should take this time to say thank you to all of our lovely followers. :) I always smile every time I look and see how many we have. We're currently at 20...TWO ZERO. TWENTY. TWO WITH AN O AFTER IT!....holy crumb. I'm sorry. :$ *ahem* thank you, thank you, thank you lovely peeps of the world. THANKS FOR MAKING MY DAY A BETTER ONE!

And now I shall do something squirrel-like (not really)....why am I laughing at myself over here? because I have no friends to laugh with me. sad. WHY AM I SO DUMB?! I don't know....BEFORE YOU ALL GET ticked off with my SPAZZING I SHALL INSERT FUNNY stuff here.

"it's real easy to get fantastic and sexy abs" (I don't know why I laughed at that..)

me: mom, dad....I decided to live on my own from now on.
them: okay, cool
me: ....your luggage is outside.

if you put your finger in your ear and scratch, it sounds lie you're playing pac-man.
(I admit I tried that one..)

I sprayed mosquito repellent on a mosquito. now he'll never have any friends.

smiling at old people to show them you're not a teenage thug.

Dear board of are we.

What would happen to Pinnochio's nose if he said "my nose will now grow" ?

There we have it folks! :D I got those from a twitter account. @miilkkk
I'll post more things like that later! pce :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

T is for...


Here's a list of "t" artists I was considering:
-Taio Cruz
-The Tango Group
-Taylor Swift
-Teddy Geiger
-Tenth Avenue North
-Thomas Newman
-Thousand Foot Crutch
-TobyMac (not really, but how can you not feel nostalgic that 90's-esque Christian rapper?)
-Tommy Dorsey
-Trans Siberian Orchestra

I ended up choosing the last one, Trans Siberian Orchestra. Last Christmas we watched one of their concerts on T.V. on Christmas Eve. You know all of those concerts with random choirs who range from ok to looking like singing zombies. If you've ever flipped through the channels on Christmas eve (it's sad, I know) then you know what I'm talking about. Anyways, although this concert had a really weird story line, the music was great! The orchestra has a bunch of electric instruments and is just in general a fun listen, even if it is April. I find that I can't skip over this particular song when it comes on shuffle on my ipod even when it is the summer. So enjoy!

P.S. T is also for Turkey. Today is the anniversary of Red Sunday, the beginning of the Armenian Genocide in 1915. Don't know what that is? Neither did I. Check it out here.

Iron of the "Y" Variety, and Large Men

Thank you to The Inkpen Authoress for this list of ironic directions for writing. Visit her blog here:  for well thought-out thoughts about thinking. And now, for some irony.

  • Finish your point on an upbeat note...unless you can't think of one
  • Don't patronize your reader--he or she might well be intelligent enough to spot it
  • Avoid unnecessary examples. e.g. this one
  • Similes are about as much use as a chocolate teapot.
  • Mixed metaphors can kill two birds without a paddle.
  • Take care with pluri.
  • If you can't think of the word you have in mind, look  it up in one of those dictionary-type thingies.
  • Do you really think people are impressed with rhetorical questions?
  • Sarcasm--yes, I bet that will go down really well.
  • Less is more. This means that a short, cryptic statement is often preferable to an accurate, but drawn out, explanation that lacks punch and loses the reader.
  • Many readers assume that a word will not assume two meanings within the same sentence.
  • Some early drafts of this document had had clumsy juxtapositions
  • If there's a word on the tip of your tongue that you can't quite pin down, use a cinnamon.
  • Strangely enough it is impossible to construct a sentence that illustrates the meaning of the word 'irony.'
  • Practice humility until you're really sure you have it down.
  • There is no place for overemphasis whatsoever.

And there you have it, folks! Follow those directions, and you'll soon have a story that makes no sense in any way.  :D

If you look in the "Our Favorite Quotes" sidebar, you'll see some interesting sentences, one of them being "I never met a man so big he can't hide behind a plane!!" . If I was you, I'd be curious as to what in the world that was from. Well, I'll tell you. It's from this AWESOME show that I've mentioned numerous times before, called Psych. I won't go into details, suffice to say, it's a new definition of funny, if you like friendly banter, randomness, and pineapples. Anyway, the specific episode that sentence was from is in season 4, episode 10, called "You Can't Handle This Episode." It stars John Cena, if you know who that is. Here's a pic to jog your memory:

He's that rather large man on the right, there. Oh, my. He's the one who was too big to hide behind a plane, FYI. The guy on the left trying unsuccessfully to look tough is the co-star of Psych, James Roday, aka Shawn Spencer. Ah, Shawn. X) 

You know what I think? I'll tell you. I think they should do an episode of Psych where Shawn goes blind. If you didn't know, he's like Sherlock Holmes, Patrick Jane in the Mentalist, and Monk, meaning he notices the teensy tiny details and figures stuff out from that. In the Mentalist, Monk, AND this old show we're watching called Hawaii 5-0, the star characters have all gone blind (temporarily, of course) for an ep. In the Mentalist and Hawaii 5-0, the character was caught in the blast of an exploding car, and in Monk, he had a bucket of acid thrown in his face. Of course, they all coped with their blindness and solved the case anyway but it was more INTENSE!! So I think it might be kind of awesome if they did something like that. But then again, maybe they already have. I mean, I haven't seen the 6th season yet, and apparently they've already started the 7th? or they will soon. Anyway, we'll see. . . . . ;)

Monday, April 23, 2012

S is for...


In case you don't know who they are, they are the people who wrote Mary Poppins music. I didn't know that untill I put the soundtrack into my itunes and there names popped up. So now you are enlightened. Mary Poppins is one of those movies that I really love, but for some reason I associate a melancholic feeling with it. The good Nicholas-Sparks-tear-jerking feeling though. I don't know why, because it really isn't that sad.

Who can explain it, who can tell you why? Fools give you reasons, wise men never trrrrrrrrrrry!

My Grandma actually went to see Mary Poppins on stage for her Christmas gift and I was soooooooo envious. I seriously considered stowing away, or doing something otherwise nefarious so I could come along.

It's funny actually, the other day I was asking my mom and sister what their favourite "classic" movie was (mine is Little Women fyi) and without hesitation my mom was like Mary Poppins. I actually don't know why that's funny, but it popped into my head.

I was considering including a list of movies that I think everyone should watch with this post, but I'm a lazy butt, and I have a math test tomorrow that sorely needs tended to. So after much deliberation, I chose to include my favourite song from the movie "Feed the Birds". This version even has subtitles in case you have the urge to sing along, tehe.

Jane and Michael Banks

(haha, I really wanted to put that in)

P.S. Be sure to vote in the pole for your favourite MP song!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

R is for...

Really tired.

So this is actually being written at 12:07 (but I'm going to set the time back so it shows up for the 21), because I've been working and then watching a musical all day! My feet stink from being in my running shoes for more then ten hours and my contacts are starting to scratch. Although I enjoyed going to see Annie (It was amazing) I'm ready to crawl into bed and maybe watch an episode of Downton Abbey. I just started watching it last night, so we'll see how that goes. And to keep with my theme...

R is also for Regina Spektor. Enjoy:

Mad Lib: Scene From A Horror Picture & Speaking of Speaking

This is one of me and Dessy's faves, simply b/c of the words we used. XD (Don't worry Des, I won't tell them.) ;D

First, the words you'll need;

person in room (male)
plural noun
part of the body
school subject


Girl: Oh, (person in room, male), why did we have to come to this (adjective) old castle?
Boy: All the hotels were closed on account of (holiday).
Girl: Just look at that sign. It says "The Howard Dracula Holiday (noun)."
Boy: Here comes the bellboy for our (plural noun).
Girl: My, he is bent over and has a big (noun) riding on his (part of the body).
Boy: I think he is my old (school subject) teacher from (school).
Girl: Watch out! He's throwing a/an (noun) over your head.
Boy: No, no. He's just being (adjective).
Girl: Now he's dragging you toward a bottomless (noun)!
Boy: I was right--it is my old teacher. Help!

LOL have fun with that. How 'bout another one? I feel like doing another one. Let's. ;)

The words;

verb ending in "ing"
plural noun
plural noun
plural noun
plural noun
part of the body
part of the body
type of liquid
part of the body

A recent (adjective) poll shows that the majority of people are terrified of public (verb ending in ing). They would rather walk across burning (plural noun) or swim in (noun)-infested waters than give a speech in front of a group of (plural noun). This (adjective) fear can be overcome in five easy (plural noun):
1. Organize all of your (plural noun) on a piece of (noun).
2. Remember to start your speech with a funny (noun).
3. When speaking, look your audience straight in the (part of the body) and speak in a strong and (adjective) voice.
4. Be simple. Never use (adjective) words that are over the audience's (part of the body).
5 Always keep a pitcher of (type of liquid) next to you, in case your (part of the body) goes dry.

BAHAHAHA!! oh Dessy, idk if you remember what we wrote for that one, but it was. . . . something else. X)

If you've never done a mid lib before, you don't know what you're missing. Do them with a friend, preferably an extra-crazy one, dip your minds into the gutter once in a while, and you'll both be dying on the floor in no time! :D

Friday, April 20, 2012

Q is for...

Queen Latifah in Hairspray!

We actually watched this movie for Lydia's birthday and then after that we watched the Titanic. Bad combination, fyi. Musical to Tragedy. Anyways, this has always been one of my favourite songs of the movie. In case you don't know, the movie deals with black and white segregation, and in this scene Tracy, the main character, decides to walk with the protesters because they cancelled the "Negro Day" on the Corny Collins Show. Anyways, Queen Latifah sings most of this song that has a gospel-y flavour and gives me the chills. So enjoy:

P.S. I've been a bit of a lazy butt the past few days thus the shorter posts:P

Thursday, April 19, 2012

P is for...

Petula Clark and Peggy Lee

O is also for. . .

One Direction.

Yes, Dessy, you can bounce off the walls now. X)

I only mention them because I just watched the iCarly episode that features them. It was awesome. I mean, 5 hot British guys who can sing really well? Come on, that's cause for some excitement.

Although, sometimes their hair gives me pause. . . .

Anyway, I had to try and contain myself as I watched the ep.

But I'm not a freaky fangirl, I swear.



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

O is for...

Either Owl City, OneRepublic, or Oasis.

Hold on while I see which one has the most exciting music video to post
Okay, the verdict:
Owl City-Vanilla Twilight
Just a bunch of people giving weird expressions to the camera looking at the "Vanilla Twilight". Ugh, good song, bad video. Mildly funny, but not in a laugh with you, more like laugh at you way. Check it out here, if you so desire.

Ryan Tedder being a stalker to some random girl who can make pretty napkin thingies. Oh and don't forget the random bird flying away at the end. Again good song, weird video. If you wish to check it out, click here.

I don't even feel like talking about the random mixture of black and white clips. Bah. I won't even give you a link, SO THERE!

So what did I decide since all those videos were not to my liking. Well you'll just have to watch and see. Enjoy!

In case you didn't pick up on it I choose a clip that featured OneRepublic's Secrets.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

N is for...


I only know their one song, "Never Forget You" but I love it! I first heard it in the movie Leap Year. Tehe, I loved that movie! Anything with Amy Adams is usually good and this one also took place in Ireland making it doubly good!!! We actually watched it with a bunch of girls and one of our leaders, we'll call her C, at the end when (spoiler alert fyi, but really, when DOESN'T this happen in a chicflick?) the love interests get together after knowing each other for like a few weeks or something and the guy proposes C was like "And this all happened after they'd been dating for six months! Sometimes I just insert bits of plot to explain things"

That just made me laugh, because I do it to:P If a movie does something stupid or a part doesn't quite mesh I just explain it away. Example:
How did the guy just get here to save her when he was being tortured a hundred miles away in the last scene?
Answer: Daily Double
No, I'm just kidding, I just wanted to write that. Only the nerds will get that:P

The real Answer according to Sunny: Well, after his fairy/ninja godmother came and freed him for the evil captors she gave him a special power to teleport to save the girl. And that's HOW he got there (of course all that happened off screen). Oh, and she also gave him some emergency medical care to fix up all his injuries, leaving a few for the "tortured (literally) effect".

Alright, I'm rambling. Enjoy the song peeps.

An Exclusive

Sound exciting? It's not. lol Let me tell you the story.

The time: Anywhere between 7 and 9 on a Sunday morning, I forget exactly
The place: The church kitchen
The characters: Me, my brother, Dessy, and some random kid
The extras: The church youth group and leaders thereof
The scene:
Dessy; "SPOCK!" *does Vulcan sign at Wilson (my bro), then directs it towards the random kid* "Oops, you're not a Vulcan."
Me: Yeah, Vulcan is a very. . . very. . . some kind of group. What's the word?"
All of us: *try unsuccessfully to think of the word*
~two days later~
Wilson (aka SPOCK!): "wow. . . ."

Yes, and that is my intriguing story about the title. Moving on. . . .

If you were here for Sunny's G post for the A-Z blogging challenge, then you'll know what I'm talking about when I say, I like Great Big Sea. (here's an interesting tidbit: the members of the band Great Big Sea were also the Merrymen in that new-ish Robin Hood movie that came out a while ago, the one starring Russel Crowe? Yeah. Took me by suprise.)

Yes, about 98% of their songs are super weird, and most make less than no sense, but hey, they're Newfies, what do you expect? ;) lol One of their weird songs that I happen to like is called End of the World. I can hardly understand a word of it, but it's fun! :D Let me give you a couple of examples of the lyrics. Somewhere in the first verse it sounds like they say "two teen reporters got drunk", and somewhere in the third verse they say "Birthday party, cheesecake, a jellybean, boom." Seriously. I was going to link to a video for it, but idk. . . . the lyrics they put down don't really match what it sounds like. Whatever. ;)

Speaking of weird words that makes us laugh, we have these old detective movies, from like, the 40's, called The Thin Man. . . . Men. lol The first one is called The Thin Man, the others are called stuff like, Shadow of the Thin Man, The Thin Man Goes Home, etc. Here's a link:

Thank you, Wikipedia. Anyway, at the start of the first one (I think), Nick Charles (if you clicked the link, you'll know who I'm talking about) comes back home from wherever, and is immediately mobbed by all his *ahem* less reputable friends, as well as some respectable ones, all calling out greetings and questions about whatever case he'd just solved. One of the less reputable fellows yells above the others:

"Hey Nicky! How are ya? I read you got shot four times in the tabloids!"

A rather witty man, Nick replies:

"That's a lie! They never came near my tabloids."

HAHAHA! lol that always makes me laugh. X) perhaps because it sounds odd if you have a dirty mind. . . . like me. XD

lol Anyway, that brings me to my next point! :D We watch this show, called Lie to Me, about these people who are experts in human emotion; human lie detectors.

They can see exactly what you're feeling by minute facial movements and by body language. The guy who started their company, Cal Lightman (this weird little British guy with perpetually slumped shoulders and a generally drunken-looking walk), is the best of them, of course.

In one episode, he and his crew help a soldier with PTSD. He was a little nuts. But with good reason, as you find out. At one point in the ep, Cal asks the soldier:

"When was the last time you had a good night's sleep?"

the soldier answers:

"One, maybe two months ago."

I only tell you that because it helps this part make more sense:

So, at the end of the ep, Cal, the soldier, and the soldier's wife and son are in a war cemetery, by a certain person's grave, and they (Cal and the soldier) are talking about rewards and stuff, and the soldier says something like:

"I got another reward, last night."

Cal glances at soldier's wife, some distance away, and asks:

"Oh? And that was?"

The soldier smiles:

"A good night's sleep."


"Aah!" *motions to soldier's wife* "I thought. . . . y'know, the opposite. Mind in the gutter, and all that."

Me: BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! HE SAID MIND IN THE GUTTER!!!!! XD and I immediately thought of Sunny and Dessy, and I knew I had to blog about that. X)

Just one more thing, then I'm gone. It's something I overheard. Yes, yes, we've been all over the map today, haven't we? Well, that's what happens when you store up blog topics for several days. Anyway, me and my bro were sitting around at this place (I don't feel like telling you where, haha), and two women came down the hall. We heard them before we saw them. This is what we heard:

"Men just don't understand . . . (long pause) . . . how much stronger they are than women. Physically! Mentally, we're stronger."

Me and Wilson just looked at each other and laughed into our hot chocolate.

So THAT'S my slightly ramble-y post that took several days to write. :)

Goodbye, So Long, Farewell, See Ya, Adios, Adieu, Auf Wiedersehen, Aloha, and Get Out Of Here! ;D

Monday, April 16, 2012

M is for...


This is one of those bands where I don't like to talk about who set me onto them, because whenever the topic comes I tend to bash his taste in music. That being said, the first time I seriously listened to these guys was when they did a live youtube concert for Coachella and I watched it b/c I wanted to see why he liked them. I couldn't even tell you the songs that were played b/c I spent the whole time listening for the only one I knew, "Awake my Soul". I couldn't appreciate them because he liked them and my pride (and my big mouth) didn't allow our tastes to overlap, tehe.

Long story short, someone showed me one of those podcast-that's-actually-a-song-which-equals-free! things and one of their songs was in the list. I started to listen to them a little more and then one time when I was trying to write I was like "Hmm, I need something with heart...Mumford and Sons!" Cue the library, I got the C.D. and have been listening to it since.

So yeah, they're British so sometimes they use peppery language but they're still awesome! This is one of my favourite songs by them, "Winter Winds" If you don't like them at first, let them grow on you. Some of my other favourites are "White Blank Page", "The Cave" and "Dust Bowl Dance".

Enjoy! And let me know if you have any other "m" artists that need to be acknowledged!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

L is for...


This isn't an artist, but it's a really good song that sooo many choirs and different groups sing. We actually sang this for choir last year! I just love it. It has a doomed yet romantic feel about it. Apparently there are many interpretations of what the song means and I'm too lazy to paraphrase so here is a direct quote from Wikipedia about it:

" One interpretation is that it is attributed to a Jacobite Highlander who was captured after the 1745 rising. The British played games with the Jacobites, and said that one of them could live and one would die. This is sung by the one who was sentenced to die, the low road referred to being the passage to the underworld. Some believe that this version is written to a lover who lived near the loch....Another interpretation of the 'Low Road' is that it refers to the traditional underground route taken by the 'fairies' or 'little people' who were reputed to transport the soul of a dead Scot who died in a foreign land - in this case, England - back to his homeland to rest in peace."

I could have spent hours looking at all the versions, but I was satisfied with this one. I love the ending! Comment with your favourite version!

"die die d-d-die die!"

Friday, April 13, 2012

K is for...


This is an electric jazz duo from Sweden! Haha, I didn't even realize that it was "electric" until I actually listened for it in the song and even then it was slight. That sounds really bad for me, but you have to have some background. According to a description on Youtube, (because we all know that's COMPLETELY reliable) Koop members piece the song together from samples of other songs, so apparently it takes forever to make an album. Anyways, I would have never known just by listening to it, see if it just sounds like a normal jazz song to you. It's also kind of a twenties feeling music video so enjoy (even if it is kind of hard to follow the story)

P.S. Also listen for the -as Dessy would say- "pwnage" trombone solo

Thursday, April 12, 2012

J is for...


He isn't your traditional artist. He's a youtube dude and not one of those annoying ones who are like "Hey guys, so imsingingthisbeibssongdontjudgeme! k here goes *insert your choice of screeching* Comment, subscribe!"

Ack, I don't even want to think about those.

HE IS THE OPPOSITE!!! Very funny and professional. His channel consists of skits, parodies, and of course made up songs. We discovered him, in the summer? (correct me if I'm wrong Kote and Dessy) and have been giggling over it since then. Kind of strange, but that's what makes them so funny! Our personal favourites are:

"But don't eat a real one OR YOU'LL DIE!"

"My Grandma is hot. My Grandma is awesome. She wears Mary Kay....because Grandma is like whoooooa!"

"The Queen is with child."
"Well who's child is she with?"
"Yours, sire."
"I don't HAVE a child."

EDIT: I almost forgot our other favourite, Trees hate you
"Watch this! I can hit you ever time in the face!"

And finally me and Dessy's absolute favourite one of all time: "Rendezvous With You" ft. the Russian Brad Pitt. This is the video that you know in your head is really weird, but you can't stop your finger from pressing replay like a thousand times until you know all the words and the techno beat by heart.

P.S. Dessy, as soon as I watched this, I was literally dying of laughter thinking about you singing it!
P.P.S. Feel free to comment with your favourite lines from "Renedezvous with You"!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I is for...


I don't really know that much about her except that when I first heard her it was on an Old Navy commercial. I also vaguely remember Ben Mulroney saying something about jeans when someone sang this song on Canadian Idol. Ah who knows. The song is "The Way I Am". I posted the music video down below. It's kind of strange.

P.S. If you have a fear of clowns don't watch this, tehe

Does anybody else find this really creepy?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

H is for....


I had a little indecisiveness for today. It was between the High Kings and Hans Zimmer. Both are really excellent artists, but I ended up doing the High Kings! BECAUSE THEY'RE AWESOME, HA! So the High Kings. I know Kote's probably getting really giddy at the mention of the HKs. The HKs are me and Kotes absolute FAVOURITE folk artist (and possibly favourite artist of all time). They are Irish and one of them, Finbarr (isn't that a lovely Irish name?) is the son of a guy from the every popular Clancy Brothers. Anyways, I was going to go into all their history but I'm a lazy butt so here's a link if you're particularly interested. My favourite songs are the ones that tell a story. The ones where you can picture the little red headed girl charming the hopeless Irish boys (Stereotype much, I know), but I just love them!

I was going to post "Step it Out Mary" telling a Romeo and Juliet-esque story of two lovers (my favourite, but I already posted it in this post) So I choose, wait for it...

THE PARTING GLASS!!!! Haha, Kotes actually has the DVD this is from!

Monday, April 9, 2012

G is for...


It was our very own Dakota who introduced me to this er...folksy group. I'm not sure if she knew about it before, but apparently in Jaye's car coming home from the retreat this was quite popular. Anyways, this group is Canadian (WOOT!) and from Newfoundland. A lot of their songs are sea shanties (like the one I'm going to share with you). I don't know about you but it brings me back to the elementary school days when we used to sing Ise the Bye quite often. What I love about this live performance of "Excursion Around the Bay" is how much the audience is into it. Plus, it's just a fun song to listen to even if I don't understand half of what he's singing.

This one's for you Kote.

P.S. Listen for him to yell at the audience! It always makes me chuckle.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

F is for...


This was a hard one. I contemplated using Five for Fighting, Feist, Ferb, A Fine Frenzy, Florence and the Machine, AND The Fray, but once I saw Frank in my itunes list under "f" I just HAD to use him. He's old school in the best way possible. Speaking of old school, a new trendy look I'm seeing everywhere is vintage. I have to say, I like vintage stuff, but there is a fine line between vintage:

And just plain ugly:

So here's the moral of the story, just because something is "vintage" doesn't mean it should be worn. It's not "mainstream" fashion anymore for a reason people!

So now that that rant is out of the way, here's my favourite Frank Sinatra song, Learning the Blues.

P.S. I know it's not actually his song, but I don't care! So there.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Punctuation IS important, and Other Ridiculousness

So, I'm sure you've seen one of these charts before:

idk if you can read that at all, but w/e, I'm sure you can make it work. ;) Since your birthday always (obviously) stays the same, and therefore your sentences are almost always similar, I like to just choose random numbers for fun. Like this: 7 4 red;
I shot a fork because the voices told me to.

or, 5 11 blue;
I gave my number to my dog because I'm hot and I do what I want.

and, since it's me, and they mention it anyways. . .
1 7 grey
I fell in love with a ninja because that's how I roll.

It's fun!! :D

(FYI, one thing you will learn about me very quickly? I. LOVE. NINJAS!! SO SO MUCH!!) ;D


Okay, on to the more intellectual part of this blog, I--oh, fine, I'll do my birthday one for you. ;)

8 30 pink;
I danced with my best friend's brother because I'm retarded.

NOW we can be intellectual. The topic of our deep, intense discussion? Punctuation: Important, or no?


E is for...


He's what I like to call the lovable bad boy. We have discussed MANY times (pretty much every time the song comes on!) how bad of a boyfriend he'd be, and how he's better to be admired from afar.

Exhibit a)

"My girlfriend's out of town and I'm all alone. You're boyfriend's on vacation and he doesn't have to know."

Self explanatory.

Exhibit b)

"I'm a jerk who objectifies women-"

Okay, well he doesn't say that but he may as well!

Regardless of his apparent issues with fidelity we still love this song and everyone's head gets bobbing when it comes on. Hearing it really brings on a kind of party feeling. So here it is, party up for a few minutes in your endless internet browsing on your day off.

I Like It - Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull

And Dessi this is for you


Thursday, April 5, 2012


. . . . ON the screen, thanks so much. idk how this happened, but a post I made got shoved down like, four posts, so idk if you saw it. Normally I wouldn't be so picky/conceited ;) but this post was made specifically for your benefit, so I wanted to make sure you saw it. It contains important information. ;) So, go down approx four posts and look for one titled "Three for the Price of One, Plus a Free Mad Lib." If you HAVE already seen this post. . . . good for you. :D

D is for....


You cannot tell me that you've caught yourself rocking out to Aladdin's Never Had a Friend Like Me or crooning He's a Tramp in the shower. If you haven't.... well, my friend you are missing out on the simple pleasures of life!

The funny thing about Disney songs is that no one really knows (or cares for that matter!) about who actually sings the song. The artist is simply Disney. I was going to go on to talk about how if Disney was an actual singer that he would have to be like a ventriloquist or something, but that was one of those ideas that sounded better in my head.


A few months ago I found this really cute video of this choral group of guys who sing a medley of Disney songs. Not only are they amazingly talented, it's funny too! Oh, and coincidentally their name starts with "D" as well! I give you the Doo Wop Shop:

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

C is for...

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeello everyone!

Today's letter is C, and keeping with the musical theme I chose an artist named ChloƩ Saint-Marie and her song "Mon Bel Amour". I honestly can't tell you much about this artist, except the obvious that she's french (not as in france french, but as in english vs. french french) and from Quebec (see not france). I can't even tell you about the album it came from because I don't even know how this song got into my itunes library. It was one of those days where the ipod dock was on shuffle for hours and hours while I worked *cough procrastinated cough* away at homework. I heard the beginning chords for Mon Bel Amour and was jerked out of my dazed stupor and picked up my ipod to see what that haunting melody could be. Obviously, it was "Mon Bel Amour".

Huh, I thought, where did this come from?

Here are my theories:

1. One of my sister's friends put it into my library while transferring a bunch of other songs I wanted from her. Kind of like a bonus song, two for the price of one sort of deal.

2. Aliens (Yes, I just said that. I blame it on the boys in my Ancient History class that tried to convince us that Aliens were responsible for the Pyramids of Giza...psh)

ANYWAYS, it's an awesome song. It's very haunting and sobering. It means "My Beautiful Love" in English fyi. Enjoy:)


Hello again people!

I feel really compelled to blog more especially because we have more followers! Not to mention I'm really bored.

I thought I'd share a couple of interesting little stories.

1) today my dad brought home this pop and he was going to give me some. So he goes to open the bottle and it just starts EXPLODINGGG! it was actuallly rather hysterical! I am currently LOL'ing as I write this. But it got like ALL OVER THE KITCHEN I SWEAR! my dad keeps saying "it wasn't really that funny". And I'm like YES IT WAS DADDY!! :P
It could partially be my fault cuz I kinda remember randomly jiggling the two pop bottles when my dad was out of the room...which makes the whole experience funnier! But of course I wouldn't tell my dad that part of the story! $:

2) I was randomly reminded of Sunday night at Church when Dakota and I were being complete idiots...(when are we not?!) let me give you some back story...actually no, let me not. I'm a lazy butt. but anyway, the story.
So we were shortening Beauty and the Beast into Beauty and the B once, cuz we didn't want to write it all out and so I started thinking of some other things. One example is; Beauty and the Brains. Some of our more stupid ones are;
Beauty and the Buff Guy
Beauty and the Blonde
Beauty and the Bulletin
and one of Kote's favs;
Beauty and the Buns!

Apparently sometimes when I say certain things it's just the WAY I say it that's funny. Anyway, we pretty much went downhill from there.



P.S. The reason Kote said that I'm the "fangirl" might have to do with my slight over obsession with One Direction.. $:

P.P.S. Sunny, I'm on my iPod so I can't add labels! Care to do it for me?! (;

Three for the Price of One, Plus a Free Mad Lib

I had a thought. It's this:

People often get confused, and they often don't pay attention to what's right in front of them.

It's true.

At least, in my case it is. ;)

After much strenuous puzzling, my thought led me to this conclusion:

People probably don't know that there are three authors for this blog. That's right. Say it with me; THREE.

Shocking, right? But if you were super observant, and read lots of our posts, you could probably see the difference in style and voice we each bring to this place of randomness. Or, you could just see the different names highlighted at the bottom of each post. Whatever floats your boat. But to save you doing all that work, let me make it easy for you. . . . um, people. ;) lol

-Me (Dakota) (the extra-random, explosively flighty, slightly sardonic one)
-Destiny (the super-hyper, squirrely fangirl, fake gangsta one)
-Sunny (the intellectually artsy, dedicatedly procrastinating, enthusiastic picture-taking one)

There's also Lydia, but she never posts. Lost her password, or something? So, I therefore have no idea what her style/blog voice would be like. More tasteful, I'd think. Thoughtful and intelligent. The sense in our nonsense. The Human in our Super Hyper Human Beings. The meringue in our lemon meringue pie. No, that doesn't make sense. But it is delicious. A delicious biscuit. . . . Hmm.

Oh, before I forget, let me give you a Wiktionary definition for "sardonic";

1. Scornfully mocking or cynical

2. Disdainfully or ironically humorous.

Sounds harsh, but remember, I said "slightly." And I always make sure people know I don't really mean it. I'm Canadian, you know. Have an aneurysm if I offend anybody, and all that.

Also, Dessy, if you don't know what I mean by "fake gangsta," think of the words you sometimes use, not bad words, but words that I really hope you don't use because you seriously think they're cool.


Anyway. Please keep note, none of these descriptions are a bad thing. X)

SO now you are apprised of the situation. I hope we can keep you interested in our inane babbling for a long time to come. In the spirit of that, here is a Mad Lib me and Dessy did one time. I'll give you the blank one first, so you can use it if you want. Don't worry, Dessy, it's not one of the weird ones. . . .

Ah, but first, I want to say, WE DID NOT MAKE THIS STORY UP!! We got it out of a Mad Lib book which we purchased in a book store. Two guys named Leonard Stern and Richard Price wrote it. Made the whole game up, in fact.

And, just because humanity always needs to hear things more than once, I'll say it again:



Okay, now we may continue. This one is called Little Red Riding Hood. First, I'll list all the words you'll need, in case you're doing this by yourself.

plural noun
silly word
verb(past tense)
plural noun
plural noun
plural noun

One day, Little (color) Riding Hood was going through the forest carrying a basket of (plural noun) for her grandmother. Suddenly, she met a big (adjective) wolf.

"Where are you going, little (silly word)?"

"I'm going to my grandmother's house," she said.

Then the wolf (past tense verb) away.

When Miss Riding Hood got to her grandmother's house, the wolf was in bed dressed like her grandmother.

"My, Grandmother," she said, "What big (plural noun) you have."

"The better to (verb) you with," said the wolf.

"And, Grandmother," she said, "what big (plural noun) you have."

The wolf said, "The better to (verb) you with."

And then she said, "What big (plural noun) you have, Grandmother." But the wolf said nothing. He had just died of indigestion from eating Grandmother.

Well, I was going to give you the story again, filling in all the blanks with the words me and Dessy used, but this post is getting kind of long, and besides, I didn't ask Dessy if I could. She might not want me to. So, I won't.

But, I hope you enjoyed it, and get much future enjoyment out of it, and, if you want, I'll do this again sometime, giving you one much more. . . .interesting. ;) But you have to comment and let me know. I'm not a mind reader. Even if I was, I don't know who you are, or where you are, and even if I DID, chances are you'd be too far away for me to read your mind. So, comment.

. . . . Please. ;)
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