Wednesday, March 14, 2012


:D YAAAAAAH FIFTEEN! ....okay, so the title has NOTHING to do with my post. I am just listening to music and I scrolled around on iTunes with my eyes shut and then clicked on a song and told myself "this will be my blog post title". SO THERE! BOOOOM.

Currently it is March break for moi, (and Sunny and Kote for that matter) and I'm just chilling. I am sick too...which is annoying but w.e. AND I'M ROCKING OUT TO ONE DIRECTIONNNN.

I love them. THEY BE FANTASTIC! TOTES FAB!! TOTES FANNY PACK!!! ...don't bother asking. but yes, I like One Direction. I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINION. they're amazingggg <3 .
okay so I MUUUUST add that part of the reason that they are soo amazing is because they are sexy. yes. and British. SO THEY'RE SEXY BRITISH GUYS! AMAZINGGGGGGG! and one of them is Irish, so that's pretty darn cool too. and one of them has abs for SURE! so I'm pleased. and odd, I know! $:
NOW I feel the need to expand about them. so I'll say this: in 2010 they auditioned for the XFactor (UK) as solo artists. they didn't make it too far but then Simon Cowell (judge on the show) and the other judges put them all in a band because they thought that they were too talented to give up. so they continued in the competition as a band, One Direction. They came in third place overall. Simon signed them after the show because he still felt that they were sooo talented and would go really far. WAS HE EVER RIGHT! They just released their first album yesterday (for the States and Canada). And also, they're like the BIGGEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!...or at least since Justin Bieber. cuz who wants one hot guy when they can have FIVE AT THE SAME TIME!?!!?!? IT'S LIKE HOT GUY OVERLOAD! :P looolz.

What else am I doing? Eating this amazing cookie thing. It's 2 chocolate chip cookies with nanimo bar filling in the middle and it's all dunked in chocolate. am I lying? no. I wouldn't lie about my food. is it intense? HECK YES! hahaha.
I am also rocking out to One Di-- oh yah I said that. I am ALSOOOO putting all these pictures on my iPod for album art. If you don't know what I mean, then I'm sorry. I am really bad at describing stuff! $:


Des <3


  1. lol:P

    Nice. That cookie sandwich thing sounds amazing!

  2. THAT BAND SOUND EPIC!!!!!! you'll have to send me a pic. ;)

  3. Destiny Diddlesworth15 March, 2012

    Sunny: IT WAAAAAS! :D

    Kote: HAAAHHHAHAA OKAY (: will do right this moment!


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