Thursday, January 5, 2012

Alternate Themes

Yes yes, I know, I posted last time. But who cares, really? Well, I guess I do. But whatever. SO! Has anyone ever seen/heard about Monk? Yes? No? A show of virtual hands, please. What? You haven't?!?! Well well well! I think I've tried to explain about it b4 on here, so I won't try to do that again, but instead, will post a link to the theme song.

Actually, no, I won't, because I can't find a good one. Just go watch an episode! :P the theme song should come in after a couple minutes of video, if not right away. but sometimes the pilot episode (which would be the first episode of a show, for those of you who might not know) doesn't have a theme song, so keep that in mind.

ANYWAY!! enough of my rambling. Let me say what I came here to say in the first place! :P ;) so, my brother and I watch a lot of shows. Sort of. Not as many as some people I know (you know who you are, TV-addicts.) ;) , but enough. One time, after watching the aforementioned show, Monk, and humming the theme song, we decided to make up a theme song for it, one that said the exact same thing, but said it differently. Like this. Here is the original lyrics for the Monk theme song:

It's a jungle out there!
Disorder and confusion everywhere.
No one seems to care,
Well, I do!
Hey! Who's in charge here?
It's a jungle out there!
Poison in the very air we breathe!
Do ya know what's in the water that you drink?
Well, I do!
And it's a-ma-zing!
People think I'm crazy,
'Cause I worry all the time.
If you paid attention,
You'd be worried, too.
You better pay attention,
Or this world we love so much,
Might just kill you!
I could be wrong now,
'Cause it's a jungle out there,
It's a jungle out there!

and now, here's the theme song me and Wilson made up. Note how we used words that mean the same thing as the original:

It's a forest outside!
Chaos and commotion all around.
Nobody appears concerned,
Well, I am!
Oi! Who's in control here?
It's a forest outside!
Toxin in the oxygen we inhale!
Do ya realize what's in the H2O you imbibe?
Well, I do!
And it's in-cred-ible!
Humans find me nutzy,
'Cause I freak out constantly.
If you observed,
You would freak out, too!
You better be observant,
Or this planet we adore,
Might just murder you!
I may be incorrect at this point,
'Cause it's a forest outside,
It's a forest outside!

HA! X) I love those things. yes, we made more than one. we made ones for Psych, Cheers, The Twilight Zone, and even Merlin! Even tho Merlin and The Twilight Zone don't have songs so much as a spoken intro. Oh, and I also made an alternate version of Selena Gomez's "The Summer's Not Hot." because it came on sometime in december when we had my ipod on shuffle, and since it was very obviously NOT summer, we decided to make a winter version. X) so yes, perhaps i'll regale you with our creative genius some time. but for now, I go!



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