Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Static Silence of Cyber-Space

Wow. NO ONE is blogging. Only one blog that I follow has posted recently, and I don't really follow it that much. THIS IS LAME!! X( The blogging world is meant to be abuzz with virtual, one-sided conversations, and newspaper-less articles about life, and movies, and the hot guys therin! But no, we sit and stew in our own homework. Well, you do, apparently. I don't. But still! Pull yourselves together, and then keep it together! So there. ;)


  1. lol:P You just need better blogs to follow! I can hook you up with a whole host of random blogs I get distracted by...MWHAHAHAHAHA:P

  2. Destiny Diddlesworth24 November, 2011

    woaaaaaaaaah there Sunny! :P haha! and sorry Kote, you know what my dilemna was... (is there an 'n' in dilemna...?)

  3. no, no there is not. X) and lol ok, that sounds. . . interesting, anyway. ;)


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