Monday, November 28, 2011

My List

So, both Sunny and Destiny, on their respective blogs, made lists of 100 things they love, like, or have a general fondness for. I would give you links to their posts, but I'm too lazy for that. So just check out A Splash of Ink and This Girl's Viewpoint and find a post that has "list" in the title. Anywho, I thought it was a cool (if long and difficult) thing to do, so. . . here's my list. :D oh, and pardon me if I'm very specific or seem to repeat myself, but it's hard to think of 100 general things you love!

also, these are in no particular order. I just write them down as they come to mind.

1. sleep (gotta love it)

2. sleeping in (gotta love it more!)

3. reading epic fantasy books

4. reading other types of epic books! (very, very rarely non-fic, tho)

5. blogging! :D

6. reading other people's blog posts

7. laughing my head off

8. laughing till I can't breathe (yes, they are different!)

9. watching movies/Tv shows

10. old movies

11. Disney movies!!!! :D (I am a cool kid)

12. Funny movies

13. Psych

14. Merlin (eeeeeeeeee!!!!)

15. video games (yes, I am a nerd. DEAL WITH IT!!!) X)

16. being with friends

17. KITTENS!! :D

18. puppies! :)

19. acting crazy

20. CHOCOLATE!!! specifically white and mint! OOOOOOO!!! (see #21)


22. Christmas (the white ones!)

23. Christmas Festival

24. presents!!

25. going shopping

26. giving/receiving gifts

27. TEA!!

28. chips

29. muffins!

30. cupcakes!

31. ok, lots of different types of junk food.

32. food, in general.

33. tap dancing


35. and, subsequently, The Lord of the Dance (you saw that one coming)

36. fuzzy pajamas!!

37. clothes fresh and warm from the dryer!

38. music

39. Christmas music!

40. writing

41. making lists (hence this post!)

42. organizing things (lol I got a little OCD goin' on here) X)

43. Tycoon computer games (roller coaster, mall, school, zoo!)


45. The Hardy Boys! :D

46. Elvis movies (hehe. . .yes, I'm odd)

47. the weekend!! :D

48. watching/remembering shows I'd watch as a kid

49. ^ ditto for books! ;)

50. being exactly halfway between things! ;D

51. CANADA!!!!

52. OOO! ANYTHING BRITISH!!! XD esp. accents!! ;D

53. hot guys (lol Des!)

54. idk why I just thought of this, but I like birds. the big ones, like hawks and eagles! they're EPIC!!

55. making wishes

56. my family, of course!

57. taking pictures


59. drawing

60. playing with clay and clay-like substances (like play-doh!) :D

61. parades (but not when it's raining or very very cold!)

62. getting dressed up (formal wear, not costumes. well, i guess costumes. . . ) ;)

63. birthdays and the parties thereof

64. sleepovers!!!! tho doubles are better, I'll settle for a single. ;)

65. movie nights!

66. feeling inspired!

67. roller coasters

68. trampolines

69. bouncy castles

70. bright colors

71. that feeling of being blown away

72. pepsi, rather than coke

73. sunsets

74. mountains

75. waves

76. having an epic day at the beach! (whether we get sunburned or not)

77. emoticons! they make messages so much more. . . friendly. :P ;)


79. minty gum! (that kind you have, Des, I'm not really a huge fan of any other type. . .)

80. being almost done something!

81. slacking off. X)

82. summer vacation!

83. Christmas break. ;)

84. feeling fresh and clean after a shower

85. any excuse to be with friends

86. being cozy!

87. CHEESE!! (and pickles!!)

88. learning something interesting

89. playing with Lego. X)

90. playing with Kinex

91. doing puzzles

92. singing

93. colorful socks!!!

94. coloring books! (they're epic!)

95. pictures wherein which I DON'T look like a freak. X)

96. mini golf! (but not when people get rushed to the hospital)

97. creeping around in the dark and feeling NINJA!

98. ninjas!! <3 (duh)

99. MAD LIBS!!!!!!!!!!!!

100. completing something! :D

You know what I DON'T like? The hiccups. I HATES THEM!! X( siiii*hic*iiigh. Hey, that should be our next blog project. No! Not getting the hiccups!! How is that blog-worthy? Or a good idea? No, we should make a list of 100 things we hate, dislike, or are generally unfond of. Well, maybe. X)


  1. Destiny Diddlesworth30 November, 2011

    Love the post! and yes, I LOOOVE that minty gum I have! and plus, some of your other list things were epic too!


  2. lol:P ! At 90 I thought you said playing with Kleenex and I was like what?!


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