Friday, October 21, 2011


Just to avoid confusion, when I say "Yo'", I'm not imitating a rapper, or imitating someone who thinks they're cool, or tough, or a rapper. I'm saying "your" without pronouncing the "r". Just fyi.

Even tho I really want to blog, I'm not sure what to blog about. Hmm. . . . well, this is random, but a while ago-- did I tell you this already? I don't think so. . . . . I'll tell you, regardless or whether I have or haven't. A while ago we watched a movie from the 80's called Short Circuit.

It was such a cute movie!! It's about a robot that comes to life in a freak accident, and just wants to live normally, but can't escape the lab that built him, or the army. Sounds cheesy, yes. But it was the 80's. Unfortunately, that also means there was a lot of swearing, particularily God's name in various forms. Apparently that's normal for 80's movies. So, we tried to ignore that and enjoy the movie. and we did! :D

Let's see. . . what else can I blog about? Umm. . .how about these random song lyrics I heard today? Actually, the first time I heard them was before today, but I heard them today again, so here they are. Don't ask me what the song's called or who sang it. :P

Standin' knee-deep in the water somewhere,
Got a blue-sky breeze blowin' through my hair.
Only worry in the world: "Is the tide gonna reach my chair?"

Lol that's all I remember. Umm. . . . .what else? Uh. . .Me and Wilson have been watching Danny Phantom on Netflix. lol we used to LOVE that show!! still do, apparently. We've watched 48 out of 49 episodes. Well, Wilson has. I've missed a bunch of them. but w/e.

Uh. . OOO!! Book Club tonight!

And right after that, YOUTH! :D And then? SATURDAY!!!!! :D WOOTWOOT!!

Another OOO!! :D MERLIN HAS COME BACK TO US!!!! yes, that's right Merlin fans! If you didn't know already (shame on you if you didn't!!), Merlin season 4 has started airing!! :D JOY TO THE WORLD!! MERLIN HAS COME!! hehehe. I <3 Merlin!! X) hopefully, season 3 will come out on dvd over here soon. it's weird, but british dvd's will not play on north american dvd players. something to do with electrical currents? anywho, that mean we have to wait longer than they do for their awesome british shows to be placed in our hands. OH, WOE!! DESPAIR!! AND ALL THAT JAZZ!! :( ah, well.

btw. . .isn't Snoopy awesome? ;)


  1. Destiny Diddlesworth21 October, 2011

    I feel like you've already blogged about that movie....but ah well! (:

    We used to love Danny Phantom too!..Hunter and I that is.

    And with those song lyrics, I thought it said something about watermelon in there! XP

    Snoopy IS awesome! :D


    good thing there's the internet.


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