Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 in Destiny's Life

So hear I am relaxing on the couch, listening to cars drive by through the open and smelling the delicious meaty smell of roasting turkey...yuuuum.

I know I've been on Twitter too much when I want to write #yuuum instead of just plain yuuuum. If you're not a tweeter, you'll probably have NOOO clue what I'm babbling on about!

Anywaay, here's what I did this weekend!

Saturday: was pretty lazy actually! I relaxed in the morning and did some homework then went grocery shopping in the afternoon to mostly buy a turkey but bought other stuff too. Then I ended the day by getting my hair straightened by my mom!

Sunday: I went to church as I would every Sunday. (That just reminded me of: Toby washes the dishes like he did every afternoon. Only, this time he'd be visited by none other than Mr. Timn.)

Then we came home for lunch and then went off to our Grandpa's house where my brother Hunter and I hung out with our cousins. Hunter and Ryan played video games mostly. Catherine and I went on a walk around the block and then went on a trail. It was sooo nice! Normally the weather is chilly on Thanksgiving, but it is soo warm this year! I am wearing shorts today as I was yesterday! Then Cat and I played on her laptop. Pretty soon, we had to go out for supper. We went to Ennio's which if you don't know, is an AMAZING pasta place! It was soooo good! I had cheese cappaletti and then my mom and I shared a New York cheesecake with berries for dessert. We went back to my Grandpa's and watched Battle of the Blades and then all...8 of us (three had gone home), managed to amuse ourselves with an app on my Uncle's iPad. We got home late and then went to bed.

Monday (today): I chilled this morning and then went to a rehearsal for a singing thing I have going on tomorrow. That was soooo fun. Then I came home and ate lunch, finished my homework and now I'm just chilling again!
In an hour or so, my Opa and Uncle are coming over for a turkey dinner. Then, once they leave my family and I are going to see the movie Courageous. I'm excited to see it! The showtime is late though..

Anyway, ttyl! (:

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