Thursday, September 22, 2011

This Preview. . .

Wilson found these hilarious videos on youtube. This guy, screenname Tobuscus, adds lyrics to trailers for games and movies for, and I quote, "no discernable reason." I can't figure out how to add the actual video to this post (Sunny, maybe you can help me out?), so I'll just post the links. The first one is for Pirates 4, the second one is for this movie called the Warrior's Way, the third one is for the first half of Harry Potter 7, and the last one is for the game Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. I have never seen any of these movies, or played the game, but that doesn't matter. Like, at all. :P ;) So, enjoy! And Sunny, if you could maybe put the videos themselves up for me, that would be superb. :)

There you go Kote, I put the pirates one up. I'm too lazy to do the others:P

haha, thanks! :D

I love that you guys are having a convo on the bloggy post ;P --Des♥

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