Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pencil lead

On monday, when I was at tap, Dee (the teacher) was playing various songs, several of them Michael Buble, including Fever and All of Me. The one I noticed the most was Sway (lol Dessy!). I could barely keep myself from breaking down in hysterical laughter. Charlotte--wait. this way will be easier:

radio: *Sway*

me: *snicker*

Charlotte: *looks at me like "what the heck is your problem?"*

me: *whisper* "I know this song."

Charlotte: *thinking* "riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. weirdo.

HA! and that is my narrative. Actually, I don't even know why that struck me as funny. . . . . just because me and Dessy have a very slight obsession with it, possibly. ;)

LOL!! I was just on FB and saw this pic:

BAHAHAHA!!! when I saw that, I literally stopped and stared for a minute before cracking up. X) HA!! anyhow....

Idk why i just thought of this, but then, randomness IS the point of this blog. So! A while ago me and my fam watched this movie from the 80's called short circuit. It's about a robot who comes to life, and just wants to live like a normal person, but of course, can't. It's such a cute movie!! Except there's a lot of swearing, mostly the abuse of God's name, but apparently that's normal for an 80's movie. :S still.

Another random moment!

or, average. :)

PICKLES AND CHEESE!! hey, I had that yesterday! on a hamburger. :9 mmmmmm........!

now I want a hamburger. . . . but we're having bacon and eggs for lunch, and that's good, too! :D

actually, I suddenly really want it to be Christmas Festival, so me and Dessy can help out, and steal PICKLES AND CHEESE from the snack table!! :D she steals the pickles, I steal the cheese! BUT IT'S SOOO FAR AWAY!!! :'( sad face.


well, I can't end this post on a depressed note, sooo................

YOUTH IS TONIGHT!! and it sounds like fun! :D AND THERE WILL BE FOOOOOOOD!!!!

since it's (K)Nights of the Round Table (even tho we don't have a round table big enough for all of us), we should all dress up like medieval people and watch MERLIN!!!!!! X) b/c that would be EPIC!

hmm......a clothespin........why is it here?

something to think about!

p.s. by this time, you are probably searching frantically for anything that even remotely relates to pencil lead. Well, I'll tell you: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!! HA!! suckers. X)


  1. lol:P That's too funny Kote. Sitting in Co-op being bored:P

  2. Destiny Diddlesworth08 October, 2011

    Just a sliiight obsession (; hahahaha...I should have been there! We would have laughed and everyone would've given I quizzical looks! HAHA QUIZZICAL! XD

    btw, that picture is FUNNY!



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