Saturday, September 17, 2011

Whatever I happen to think of as I type.

OH, humanity, what's wrong with you? Plenty. Way too much to go into now, that's for sure. Ugh. On another note, mom found my ring that I was looking for. It was under the couch. Go figure.


I'm sitting here, looking at the case for a Nancy Drew game that Sunny lent me, and thinking, "Nancy Drew games are awesome." Because they are. Especially ones with the Hardy Boys in them. Like this one, Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. The Creature of Kapu Cave also had the Hardy Boys in it, but they looked SO WEIRD, it was very depressing, and I couldn't play the game anymore. BECAUSE I WAS SO DEPRESSED! But Last Train is a good one. :)

It was Wilson's birthday yesterday! No party, just presents. :) He got an awesome hat that looks more or less like this;

But cooler. And he got a Haste the Day cd, a Skillet cd, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood for the XBox 360 and corresponding strategy guide, the first three Eragon books, and of course money from Grandma. :) I feel like he got something else, too, but I can't remember what. . . . Oh well. We also had McDonald for breakfast this morning! :9

And now, in my gamer-girl geekiness, I'm going to have a mini-spaz about one of my FAVORITE games OF ALL TIME. Dessy, run for the hills. Why should she run for the hills? B/c I've spazzed to her about this a million times before, and I'm sure she's ready to shoot me. Dessy, are you gone? . . . .Ok, we're good. The topic of my spaz is: Fire Emblem. Specifically Radiant Dawns for the Wii. All Fire Emblem games are awesome, but I like the characters (not to mention graphics!) in this one more. And the storyline is a bit more in-depth, too, I think. Anyhow! I'll give a quick summary (not of the story, of the type of game it is) for you who don't know. It's a strategy RPG (role-playing game). Your characters (and the enemy) are on a grid, and you each have a certain number of spaces to move each turn, different weapons with a certain number of uses, etc. Different weapons and magic spells are good against some, and bad against others, affecting your chance of hitting or getting hit. I don't explain things well, (mostly b/c I'm lazy) so that might not sound very exciting, but it's really quite good. Shall I give you an overview of the storyline? Yes, I think I shall.

But before I do. . . . . . SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!

There we go.

Ok, so, 3 years b4 (in the prequel game for the GameCube, called Path of Radiance), Mad King Ashnard of Daein invaded the neighboring kingdom of Crimea without warning and for no reason (so it seemed, killing the royal family, among many others. But Princess Elincia escaped. She passed out in the forest for some reason, and was found by the Greil Mercenaries, a band of, well. . .mercenaries, who took her in. Blah blah blah, things happen, Ike, son of Greil, inherits the gang, and helps defeat Daein by making friend with some people from different tribes of Laguz, people who can morph into either a cat (no, not a housecat) tiger or lion, (beast tribe), hawk, heron, or raven (bird tribe) or dragon (duh.). and yes, they are not regular sized things, they are HUMONGUS, ok? ANYHOW! Fast forward three years, Daein, defeated, was taken over by the massive kingdom of Begnion, b/c Crimea didn't have the resources to rule another country. Oh, Elincia is on the Crimean throne by this time, btw. But the Council doesn't like her. Hmm. Anyway, back to Daein, the people are being treated like dirt, oppressed beyond belief. So the Dawn Brigade rises up, led by Micaiah, the "silver-haired maiden", who has visions of the future which keeps them from being caught. So yaddayaddayadda, they free Daein, with the help of Pelleas, Ashnard's illegitimate son. BUT! Something went wrong. Pelleas was tricked into entering a blood pact after his coronation. Now, he must do the bidding of the Begnion magistrates, who are evil (again, duh.), or else, his people will begin to die. One on the first day, two on the second, you get the idea. So now they have to do what Begnion says, even if it's attacking the Apostle of Begnion, who is like the emperess. But there is a complication. Ike intervenes, with his laguz friends, who are on a mission of there own. I'm actually starting to forget what the story is around this point, so lets just say, play the game, and figure it out for yourself. IT IS MUCH MORE AWESOME THAN I HAVE MADE IT SOUND!!! lol. so, yeah. I'm outta here. I'm also freezing! WHY IS IT SO COLD IN HERE?!?!?!?

*grumble grumble*


  1. The hat makes me think of White Collar!

    I <3 NEIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LOL!! Out of my whole entire random spazzy blog post, that's all you got? ;) LOL jk.

    p.s. ME TOO!!!!! <3 <3!!! bahahaha! freaky fangirl moment!! X)

  3. Destiny Diddlesworth19 September, 2011

    ...woow guys! ;P

    anyway @Dakota; I read the post up to the part when you said "run for the hills"..well I skimmed after that, and completely stopped reading after the SPOILER ALERT part..but still, I loove your posts, but I'm not in the reading mood atm.

    anywayyy..the parts that I read were epic! ♥

  4. lol:P Kote, I had a little bit of a one track mind that day... WHITE COLLAR EEE!!!!


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