Sunday, September 18, 2011


AHA! I just figured something out, and I'm very impressed with myself.
 lol! Anyway, the thing is this; When I go to my dashboard, it says that this blog has 248 (well, 249 now) blog posts. But when I look in the sidebar on this blog at the list of posts and add them all up (no, I don't count them. It says 2010 - 140, 2011 - 98, again, 99 now.), it only totals 238 (239). But then something occured to me: What if the dashboard tally counts the ones we haven't posted? And so I checked. Sure enough, there are 10 incomplete drafts in our files. The sidebar only lists published posts! I was rather amazed at myself, and decided to share my monumental achievement with you. I know you're all just thrilled. Don't you just feel so complete now? Ha! Not likely. So anyway. . . . . . that was all. :) Now go, and prepare for school tomorrow (gah! lovely.) But! Before I go. . . . . I'm going to do something that me and Dessy rather like. I'm going to type a bunch of random letters, then go through and make them into words (b/c autocorrect FAILS!). You'll only see the finished product, but it might be amusing. Here we go.

Quirks differ when waiting for cleptomaniacs. Lady E. has fuel vases dignified away where no one goes. K. J. and Sig type furious pigments. What tofu glue for dash gloves killed a gypsy? Jake has a favorite African gobi. Gallons of raw vaccuums hugged subject Huey. J-Dog held a DS hing Guru. Tuesday fun signals hues to grow in yogurt. Golden egg forks saturate yo-yos gladly. Pink judo shower possums actually faked mind Smurfs.

Yes, well, that was. . . interesting. I hope I shed a little laughter on your day. Or, rather, evening. Well, it could be day where you are, or maybe by the time you read this, it will be morning, or afternoon. Either way works for me. :)



  1. Destiny Diddlesworth19 September, 2011

    I think I found an error in your posty-post: "this blog has 248 (well, 289 now) blog posts" that error is right near the top and I'm guessing you meant 249. (;

    that was a rather entertaining post, once I figure out that that was a typo! ;P

  2. lol:P Kote, I can't believe I didn't tell you this earlier! I totally figured that out back at the 100th post!!!! Oops...

  3. @ Dessy, LOL! you're right! I'll fix that. . .

    @ Sunny, BAHAHAHA!!! that's ok. I'm content to wander around in my haze of spacey-ness, until the flashlight of understanding is shone in my eyes. X)


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