Friday, September 9, 2011


There are a few things I'm excited for. Three, that I can think of, (and if you read my last post, I'm sure you can guess one of them).

1) Youth tonight! WOOT WOOT! Its the first youth night in a while, and I think we're all happy it's starting up again. I know I am! :D

2) Shopping tomorrow! No, not for groceries, or anything boring like that. Me and mom are going out to buy my tap shoes, bodysuit, dance shorts, AND tights. :P ;) idk why, but I can't wait! ;)

3) If you didn't guess by now, I'll tell you. TAP CLASS ON MONDAY!! It will be the first one. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! XD <3

*squeals until runs out of breath, then EXPIRES on the floor*

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