Friday, August 26, 2011

Epic Facts About My Epic Self

Wow. This is like the 4th post today! :O that never happens!!! Anyhow, now it is MY turn to bestow upon you unfortunate creatures anywhere from 10-20 random facts about me. ;) lol enjoy.
1- I am almost never offended. Some people, they take the most innocent remark and get all worked up and insulted over it, even though the person who made the remark meant nothing by it. I'm not like that. I never interpret them as insulting, unless the person was intentionally trying to tick me off. Then. . . .

2- I have a very short fuse. It flares up at the drop of a hat, but burns out even faster. Meaning, I'm quick to get angry, but don't stay that way long.

3- I <3 video games. If you know me, or have been following this blog for a while, that won't suprise you in the slightest. But! It is a random fact, and will therefore be mentioned. It (my love of video games) probably comes from the fact that not only do I have no inclination to do anything that involves physical exertion, but also that my dad is a mega-gamer, and has filled the house (with our help, or course!) with, say, 10 systems (not to mention the computer. oh wait, I just did) and hundreds of games. Sad? yes. Lots of fun? most definitely!

4- I want to learn to tap dance, b/c tap dancing is awesome, and I need to get off the couch once in a while. ;)

5- I like to sing, but not infront of people. ;) And I'm only good at it sometimes, othertimes I can never seem to hit the right notes. X)

6- I have a cat that is the softest, fluffiest, cutest thing you will ever see or feel. Ok, maybe not THE cutest. I've seen some pretty cute kittens. But my cat is right up there. And of course, the smaller they are, the cuter they are, and my cat is big. But he's still absolutely adorable!

7- I am a very clean person. If I think my room is messy, my friends still consider it clean. I am sort of a germaphobe. Not exctremely, just a bit. I don't like sitting in other people's cars or on their couches, and most definitely not on their floors. Well, except for the cars, couches, and floors of people with the same or higher standards of cleanliness that I have. ;)

8- When I like a song, I will usually listen to it over and over and over again, until I get sick of it. :P ;)

9- I'm an aunt! :D I (well, me and Wilson. but Wilson's an uncle, not an ant. lol) have two nieces in Alaska, where our half-brother and his wife live. Oh, I guess I should have mentioned this first (look down. . . . . . . .ON the screen, thanks so much).

10- I have a half-brother in Alaska.

11- I really want to go to Scotland, b/c I have ancestry there. Wow, saying it like that makes it sound more impressive than it is. lol. My grandmother (on my dad's side) was born in Scotland, in. . . Paisley? I think so. Anyway, during the second World War, my granddad (yes, still on my dad's side, DUH!), fought on a Destroyer (a ship that targeted submarines specifically, I believe). He met my grandma, Sarah, when they were on shore leave in Scotland. Then, after the War, he brought her back to Canada. :D Ain't love grand? ;)

12- I love rollercoasters! Especially the big drops. Those are my faves. When you go up,up,up,up, then DOOOOOOOOWWWWWNNN screaming all the way!! XD I don't particularily like going upside down, but I can deal with it.

13- I like artsy stuff. Drawing, painting, photos, pottery, dyeing, dancing! What can I say? In another life, I'd probably be a hippie. Not that all artists are hippies, or that all hippies are artists. Just. . . yeah. :P ;) lol

14- I hate bugs. With a passion. They are one of my phobias, and the reason I rarely go outside. Some bugs, I can ignore. Hornets, wasps, even bees? No. I run in terror at the sight of them. And ladybugs are really disgusting. So are moths. Ick!

15- Sometimes I want to watch horror movies, just to see what they'd be like, but I know that if I did, I'd be up every night for a week, with all the lights on and a baseball bat ready to attack any monsters, mobsters, or maniacal maniacs who decided to come try and murder me.

That's all I'll do, for now at least. 15, right smack between 10 and 20. :D Come to think of it, 1 and 2 don't really go together, do they? I guess I'm just complex like that. ;) Well. Now that I've enlightened you with all those delighfully random facts about me, I shall go now, and leave you with a joke.

Q: What do you call a short phsycic that escaped from jail?

A: A small medium at large.



  1. Destiny Diddlesworth27 August, 2011

    I agree that 1&2 don't go together very well...but I'll deal! ;P
    #5: I've heard you sing; at Church and at your house and all, and you're preeeeeeeeetty great if you ask moi!
    #6: I love THE FLUZZY FACE! :D I said fluzzy! (;
    #7: your room IS clean!
    #8: saaaaaame!
    #14: oh I knooow! ;P
    #15: I'm with yah on that one 10000000%!

    Thanks for all the interesting facts! :D

  2. lol, thanks for the enlightening Kote.


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